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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

The roommates all agree that Frankie is a good person. Frankie says that she's changed, and that she had to go home because she knew that she'd screwed up so badly that she couldn't fix it. Why can't she just say she's sorry that she said she hated all of them, and that it's what she felt in the moment, but that she regrets saying it because she doesn't hate them? And that she understands if they don't feel like being her friend now, but that she hopes they'll give her another chance? Instead, she is so defensive, and just trying to explain everything away as to why it's not really her fault, and she's just messed up, and they don't understand. Apologize for hurting them. It'll go a long way. Everyone else says that it's never too late to fix it. Randy offers to help Frankie to see why she's great. Oh, believe me. Frankie already thinks that she's great, but she knows that appearing vulnerable makes people give her a pass for shitty behavior. Charlie gives Frankie a hug and says that even he loves her. Robin says that she and Frankie had a lot in common, and that Frankie didn't even realize it. Frankie says that the things she hated in Robin were the things she hated in herself. Brad suggests that they go back to the house and fix their relationships, and everyone agrees.

Vanessa brings up Charlie's arrival, and says that he had a hard time fitting in at first. We see a clip package featuring Charlie's arrival, Charlie's slacking, the non-bonus situation, and the guitar breaking. And that's pretty much all the screen time that Charlie had. Charlie says that the whole girlfriend situation was a bad idea. They all laugh that Charlie told the girl he loved her. Charlie admits that he's not with the girl anymore, and Jacquese says that they broke up the next week. Randy says that he advised Charlie to get to know his roommates in the short time he had. Cameran says that she wanted the money, because they were forced to drink malt liquor. Brad says that had nothing to do with money. Cameran claims that she didn't try to break the guitar, and everyone laughs. Charlie says that Cameran offered to pay for it, and that he's still waiting for the money, and everyone laughs some more. Charlie says that he still feels like the new guy, but that everyone welcomed him with open arms.

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