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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

Vanessa brings up their job, and we see a clip package of how much they all complained about the job, and even wanted to quit at one point. Then Robin and Cameran purposely fell in the water to get out of a day's work, and Detective Jamie figured it out. Cameran immediately says that she hated the job because it was manual labor. Frankie adds that they got in trouble for laughing. Robin says that it was interesting learning the job, but Jacquese says that even that was boring. Brad says that people were always asking them about the show, and that they weren't allowed to say anything, and that their boss wanted them to tell those people about the harbor instead. Jacquese says that "the sailing community of San Diego" thought they didn't deserve to be on the boat. Cameran admits that it was her idea to jump in the water, and Jacquese thinks they pulled it off really well. Robin says that the producers heard them talking and advised them to take their microphones off before they jumped in. Jacquese says that he called them because they were supposed to come back to work. Vanessa asks about the quitting incident. Jacquese says that he said he would quit if it was about Frankie's health. Frankie says that she hated it like everyone else did, and I'm annoyed that Vanessa doesn't ask if Frankie is taking her medicine now, or if she could really get pneumonia if she was out in the cold, or if she's quit smoking.

Vanessa brings up an unaired trip to Mexico, and shows some footage of that time. Everyone gets drunk. Cameran says she'd like to get to know Randy a little better. Jamie says that she'd like to know Brad better. The girls find the boys. Robin slurs that Cameran is trying to hook up with Randy, as Randy puts Cameran into her bed. Robin tells Brad that Jamie wants to sleep with him. Robin puts it right out there: "Jamie wants to fuck you before she leaves." The camera finds Jamie and Brad flirting, having possibly just kissed, but they walk away before anything interesting happens. Robin says that Jamie really said she wanted to hook up with Brad. Jamie says that she never said she wanted to fuck him. Robin tries to get Jamie to admit that she said she wanted to lay him. Jamie is blushing madly. Brad says that it was Robin's craziest night. Jacquese says that Robin had a big mouth. Vanessa asks if the camera busted them making out. Jamie says that there's no evidence of anything. Frankie says that Jamie and Brad almost kissed another time, and Jacquese agrees. Vanessa gets Jamie to admit that she wanted to hook up with Brad.

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