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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

In the morning, Rachel goes around and tells everyone that they have to leave for work soon. The roommates are sleepy and moving slowly, and Rachel keeps nagging everyone. Rachel interviews that, in the army, everyone is punctual. Well, these people aren't in the army, are they? Maybe she missed that part. And this happens every season, and every season I wonder why they all have to travel in a pack. I would just leave so that I would be on time and fuck the rest of them. Johanna interviews that Rachel is annoying and controlling.

The roommates meet with Jenn and PJ, two of their trainers in the film world. After some plugs for Sony for providing the equipment, the roommates practice using cameras and audio equipment, especially the logistics of how to get various angles and work with two camera crews without getting the crew in the shot. Jenn and PJ say that the roommates made a lot of progress today.

While walking home, Johanna tells Rachel that while Rachel is used to barking out orders in the army, civilians see that as bossy and loud and blunt. Rachel says that she feels like a bitch, but that's how things are done in the army. Johanna points out that there are other ways to approach it, and Rachel says that she didn't know that the army affected her life this much.

The roommates are sitting around talking politics. Oh, this should be good. And by "good," I mean, "filled with uninformed opinions." Although I guess that's what being a young adult is all about -- feeling like you are the most original thinker of all time, and that no one else is as smart as you. Anyway, Nehemiah says that President Bush is a robot, and not even a human being. Danny thinks Bush is a great president and a great leader, and Nehemiah asks whom he's so great for. Wes makes some sarcastic remark about Nehemiah's being educated. Nehemiah interviews that he hasn't seen enough evidence that the war is just. Nehemiah asks his roommates what they think the war is about. Danny says that "they killed four thousand people on American soil." Now, many people assumed that Danny was talking about the Iraqis, but it's possible that they were talking about Afghanistan, or the "War on Terror" or whatever. So Danny might not be as misguided as that statement would have you believe. Danny tells Nehemiah that he's watched too much Fahrenheit 9/11 and Wes says, "It's not a documentary. It's propaganda." Nehemiah thinks the war is propaganda. This is one step away from, "No, you're propaganda!" Rachel points out that Nehemiah doesn't know about the war, because he wasn't there. He can't know about the war unless he participated? Nehemiah yells that Rachel wasn't in the war either, because she's just a nurse. Wuh? I'm no huge fan of Rachel, but I think if she was in Iraq, she was in the war, given the plethora of suicide bombings and suchlike. Rachel's response is that she did a lot more than Nehemiah, because while he was sitting on his ass at home, she was taking care of dying soldiers. She says that Nehemiah is the most ignorant person she's ever met, and stomps away.

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