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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV This Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV this week, honestly, were the reruns of the first season of The Amazing Race on the Game Show Network. I have tried to rewatch a lot of shows now that cable and DVDs make that a lot more possible, and very few hold up. The Mole? Didn't really hold up. Angel? I got bored very quickly. But so far (five episodes in), even though I know the eventual result, TAR holds up really well. So far, the highlights have been Phil looking twelve years old, forgetting why I hated the Guidos, forgetting that some of the teams ever existed, remembering why I hated the Guidos, the first appearance of the correct phraseology for the Roadblocks and the Detours, the difficulty of the clues, Kevin and Drew, and looking forward to the rest of the seasons, which I haven't seen since they originally aired. And it's on every night! Which is awesome.

Melinda and Nehemiah go out to eat. Melinda brings up the fight we witnessed before the commercial break, and says that she wondered why Nehemiah made that comment about Rachel. Melinda interviews that Nehemiah is wrong to put Rachel down that way. Nehemiah tries to explain that he doesn't think Rachel was "in the straight-up battleground." Melinda asks if Nehemiah thinks that Rachel is bragging, and Nehemiah thinks that she is, in a way. Melinda says that she would want everyone to know if she served. Nehemiah admits that he didn't really get his point across properly, and that he does admire Rachel's service to her country. Melinda asks if he can talk to her about it. Nehemiah says that he just got fed up. Nehemiah interviews that he used to have a bad temper. What, when he was ten? He's not that old. He adds that now that he's grown up, he can let other people release their anger without retaliating.

Nehemiah leaves a note on Rachel's bed. Rachel walks into her room wearing a pink hoodie that reads "Combat Veteran." Is that endorsed by the military? ["I guarantee it's a Neighborhoodie -- and a pretty lame one, at that." -- Wing Chun] And in case you had any doubts that Rachel is constantly like, "Well, when I was in Iraq..." I think that clothing choice says it all. It's like when a new person starts in your workplace and is all, "At my old company, we didn't do things that way!" and you want to tell the person to go back to their old workplace if it was so great. Anyway. Rachel interviews that it means a lot that Nehemiah is apologizing via note, and she thinks Nehemiah has a lot of pride, so it's even more meaningful.

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