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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

Lacey is doing laundry. That's a first! They never show the roommates doing laundry. Johanna sits nearby and says she doesn't think Melinda is clingy. Nice legwarmers, Johanna. Lacey thinks that Danny got in over his head, and is rethinking it. Johanna wonders who told Danny that Wes kissed Melinda. Lacey says that it doesn't matter who told him, and then says that it was probably done in passing. And she would know. If Johanna wasn't drunk, Lacey would be totally busted, because she's so obvious.

Melinda is brushing her teeth. Danny comes in and says he likes it when she wears her glasses, and Melinda is short with him. Danny asks her not to be so standoffish. Melinda says it's hard, because she likes him more than she's ever liked any guy. She bursts into tears and Danny hugs her. Danny says that things don't have to change, and that he does like her. He adds that if he didn't care, he would go out and hook up with other girls, but that he's not like that. Danny says that he won't hold a grudge, and asks her to be upfront and honest. He adds that he doesn't want to be screwed over by her. Melinda takes my punch line when she says that she wants to screw him, but not screw him over. Danny interviews that honesty is important in a relationship, and that he's glad they worked through it. Melinda says she'll never find another guy like him. Yeah! She knows all about him in the, what, two weeks they've been in the house. So ridiculous.

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