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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

We get a shot of the Space Needle for the fifth time this episode. Is the Space Needle one of the roommates? It's already gotten more screen time than anyone else on the show. Lindsay tells Stephen that Seattle has a "big scene" because it's a "young town," and the two of them board a train. Lindsay says, "Someone's going to hate me. It's probably going to be you! Give me three weeks." ["Three weeks goes by real fast in Seattle, because I hate her already." -- Wing Chun] Stephen says someone's going to hate him, and they're both right. Except I think they were talking about their roommates, not the viewers. Lindsay asks him if he has "weird habits" and Stephen says he does. We're left with that bit of tantalizing information, because the scene cuts to....

...Janet, who finds an envelope that has magically appeared on the computer desk. She opens it and yells, "Oh my God, we're gonna work at a radio station?" Everyone runs over to her and Janet reads the letter out loud, which informs them that they will be working at "107.7 The End." Janet yells out "Shut up!" like ten times and Nathan says it's "phat." Rebecca echoes, "Soooooo phat." In an interview, Janet tells us that "broadcasting is something I'm really interested in and for me, it made that situation that much more perfect." She tells the others that she is a journalism major.

Lindsay and Stephen arrive at the gate. Rebecca is in the midst of telling Janet that she, Nathan and David are all from schools in Virginia. Nathan explains about him and David. Janet says it's "awesome" that they already know one another. Lindsay and Stephen enter the house and start screaming, because in case you didn't get it before, the house is really cool. David asks them five times how they got in, but no one ever answers them. I guess Janet left the gate unlocked or something. In an interview, Janet says that "in the first three seconds after I met Lindsay, it just clicked. I felt like we'd known each other forever." Janet and Lindsay hug and Janet tells her to look at the bedrooms. Nathan asks if they know each other from before, and Janet says no. Nathan and David play pool while the newcomers explore the house. Nathan tells David that it's a "cool group of people" and he thinks they'll have a good time. David says Lindsay is going to be "a nutball" and he loves it. Nathan just says, "Party girls."

Stephen checks out the furniture in the bedroom, which he thinks will "foster his fashion." Nathan shows Lindsay the fishing hole. In an interview, David says that Lindsay is "beautiful" and "ripped, like grinding her teeth, like 'arrrrrrgh!'" Once again, I have no idea what he's talking about. Lindsay and Janet look in the fridge and Lindsay tells Stephen they have a lot of "big pickles, bigger than yours!" like that's an appropriate thing to say to someone you've known for less than an hour. Or ever, really. David says, in a voice-over, that Lindsay and Janet "are going to be a trip. I could tell they were gonna be a team right away." Nathan opens the garage door in the wall, which leads directly out onto the pier. Rebecca points out the rock-climbing wall. Lindsay (once again) can't believe the house, and she and David start climbing the wall. Lindsey passes in front of David, who says he is "coming" and Lindsay replies, "Inside me, baby." Ew! Ew, ew ew! Janet calls out, "You and your sexual innuendo." ["Is it really 'innuendo' if it's completely explicit? I don't really think it is." -- Wing Chun] Nathan suddenly has a stocking cap on. Did it get cold in there? In a really bad edit, Stephen laughs and says, "That would be so cool," even though we have no idea why. Did someone say something, and he was responding to it? We'll never know.

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