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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

Lindsay pulls out a fisherman's vest (you know, with a ton of pockets) and slips it on, and then singsongs, "Hey nerds! Look what I have and you don't have one!" I think Lindsay needs a lot of attention. And how does she know that no one else has one? Irene says to Rebecca, "Lindsay, talk to me. Tell me where you're from." Rebecca corrects her on the name thing this time and Irene apologizes. What was that about? Why did they show that? Oh yeah, because we're supposed to hate Irene, the outsider. Got it. Lindsay asks David if he is gay and David high-fives her for asking, but he's not. Nathan yells out that he's not gay, even though no one asked. Defensive, much? Stephen says he doesn't think anyone in the house is gay, and he would know. Oops, did I say that out loud? Stephen asks Rebecca if she's a lesbian. Rebecca asks if they are "taking inventory," and Stephen says he just wanted to find out "for some odd reason." Irene says in an interview that she doesn't think "questions of sexuality should be asked because there are things people want to share with you, or they don't." Ooh, foreshadowing. Although, on first viewing, I thought they were foreshadowing that Irene was a lesbian. David calls Nathan "Nate-dawg" for the first of many times this season. Rebecca asks about the nickname, and this is how Stephen finds out that those two have known each other for three and a half years. In an interview, Stephen says that he "had a problem that they knew each other," but doesn't explain why. Why? Why, Stephen, why? Nathan tells Stephen they don't seclude themselves. Stephen asks why they would think he would think that, and he's practically crying. What a weenie.

It's time for the eighth sighting of the Space Needle. Once that's over with, Janet asks Nathan about his girlfriend. Lindsay asks if she's really his girlfriend with "no WOO on the side" and she says "woo" as in "Woo hoo!" Nathan says he's faithful "for right now." Lindsay says he'll have lots of fun in the bathroom because she has to make everything about sex. Lindsay asks to see a picture of Stephanie, and as Nathan goes to get one, Lindsay and Janet pummel him with questions. In an interview, Janet says Nathan is "a really great guy" and that he has a "real sensitive part, even though he plays all rough and tough." Stephen and Janet look at pictures of Nathan and Stephanie and Janet says teasingly that they look "so happy and so in love." Nathan says Stephanie's coming to visit in six weeks, then asks if anyone cares if he jumps on the phone. So begins one of the recurring themes of the season: Nathan on the phone with Stephanie. He calls and she starts yelling at him that he should have called earlier because she was supposed to go out, but she waited for his call. Like, "Hello, how was your trip, do you like your roommates?" Nathan apologizes and says he misses her, because he is whipped.

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