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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

Stephen, Janet and Lindsay look at the massive library assembled in the house. In an interview, Stephen says that the best part of the house is the "huge library" because "if there's anything we all are at the house, we're all academians." My cats scatter out of the room as I fall off the couch laughing. Yeah, this season's job should have been at a think tank instead of a radio station because they are all so smart. In fact, Stephen is so smart that he can just make up words, because "academians" doesn't appear in any dictionary I checked. The producers agree with me, because the very next shot is Janet pulling out Sex For Dummies. She reads a section about foreplay out loud. Lindsay and David are snuggling up together, and Lindsay tells David he has two different-colored eyes. I expect David to say, "Wow, thank you for telling me that," but I am disappointed. Janet reads from a section called, "Checking the Dipstick," and Lindsay asks, "Who has a dipstick?" Does she suspect that one of the guys does not? We see reaction shots of the guys looking shocked at Lindsay's language. Lindsay and David talk some more. Nathan says in an interview that his "main prediction is that David and Lindsay will have a romance." I'm glad Nathan pointed that out, because I wasn't getting the subtle hints the producers were tossing my way. On that note, the episode ends. Total Space Needle sightings season to date: 9.

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