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All Apologies

The next morning, the very hung-over roommates go to a meeting with Marc. He tells them that they look like death warmed over, and that they are burning out and letting the party aspect of the job get the best of them. He thinks their skits were great, and says that out of ten, they would rate a seven right now. Brynn points out that every time Marc says something positive, he follows it with something negative. Would you rather he just tells you the negative? Because that's what I'm sure he'd like to do. I can't believe I'm defending grody Marc. Also, shut up, Brynn. Marc says he's trying to help them learn, and adds that they aren't really working as a team. In an interview, Frank says that they have trouble working as a team due to the cliques in the house, so Marc is sending them to a team-building workshop. Marc tells them as much. In an interview, Frank says that if they keep fighting and letting personal issue interfere, they won't have a job anymore. The roommates look shocked. And pissed. And hung-over.

Next week: Steven and Arissa fight and swear. At the team-building seminar, Arissa cries and tells her roommates she loves them. Boo! We want more fighting! We don't want tears and everyone getting along. Boooo-ring!

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