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Amaya's Last Stand

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Amaya's Last Stand

Teck tells us he doesn't need alcohol or drugs to have a good time, just women. We see him dancing with many different women in nightspots. And I'm sure the cameras have nothing to do with it because Teck is so darned attractive. Oh wait, actually he's the opposite of that. Teck claims there are no problems with his lifestyle, as we see him bringing a woman home and booting Tetanus Girl to the bed in the living room. Tetanus Girl tells him he could at least help her carry her bedding out there, and for some reason she is wearing sunglasses. As they set up the bed for Tetanus Girl, she asks him why he doesn't just kick her out for good and push the two beds together. Teck laughs, and Tetanus Girl says it's a trade-off because Teck really isn't home that often.

Wonder Bread, Tetanus Girl and Annoying are in the van. Annoying says that Teck doesn't realize how small the island is, and that his many women are going to clash at some point. Tetanus Girl says Teck enjoys the drama. In that really scary, way-too-close confessional from the Ruthie intervention episode, Wonder Bread says that every women he meets knows Teck, has a friend who slept with Teck, or has slept with Teck herself, and that Teck is going to get a reputation. Then he'll never get a date to the homecoming dance! Back in the van, Wonder Bread tells us that Teck doesn't exactly exercise caution. Tetanus Girl says, "The whole point of life is that no matter what happens, things build upon themselves." It's a good thing I have Tetanus Girl around to tell me what the point of life is. I've been going about it all wrong. Tetanus Girl predicts that Teck will soon have women hunting him down.

At this point, I was wondering why they were emphasizing Teck's women so much, and how the castmates were able to predict what will happen to Teck so accurately. It's almost like the editors took events that happened later, and inserted the scenes here in an attempt at foreshadowing. Oh wait, that's exactly what they did.

Colin is lying on his bed in his boxers and Annoying wakes him up. He tells her to go away. She asks if he's going to Chili's with them. In a confessional, Colin says, "Take your stuff and move it back to the cave room. Nobody wants you in my room and by nobody, I mean me!" Look, Annoying is clearly not my favorite, but maybe Colin should have stuck to his guns instead of telling her she could move in, when he knew it would be a mistake. Anyway, Annoying jumps on him in the bed and starts swinging her hair in his face and pinching his nostrils closed -- no, I'm not making that up. I am really mean when I first wake up, so I can relate to Colin's grouchiness here. In a confessional, Colin tells us that he tries to be upfront and tell Annoying they are just friends, and that they aren't going to hook up. She keeps trying and he has to be blunt and say, "I don't want you." Then she gets hurt, but she shouldn't put him in that position in the first place. That's pretty true, actually. But he still shouldn't have let her move in. Talk about your mixed messages. Annoying tells us she is a glutton for punishment, and that's why she puts up with it. She has this masochistic streak in her blood and she just has to take abuse. You know, I'm really not feeling sorry for her at this point. Teck comes in and tells her to leave Colin alone.

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