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Analyze This

Melissa and Kelley are sitting in the bedroom with a metric ton of makeup on the floor. Melissa says she was happy until she started dealing with this shit. Kelley says that she sees Melissa being happy, but then hears Melissa saying that she's unhappy, and she doesn't understand. Melissa says that she's happy when she's making other people happy, but she is not happy herself. Kelley doesn't feel that Melissa wants to solve the problem (i.e. she would rather just complain about it to everyone ad nauseam). Melissa says she hasn't dealt with the problem for twenty-three years and it's built up. Kelley mentions that Melissa thought she was depressed, but that Kelley has been depressed, and she went and got help and medication, and she's telling Melissa this so that she can see that people are going to be okay. That little tidbit just made me more interested in Kelley than ever before. In an interview, Kelley says that she doesn't have very high tolerance for people who aren't willing to try to change what the problem is. I like Kelley. I keep waiting every week to hate her, but it's not happening. Yet. Kelley tells Melissa that she is so wrapped up in herself that she's missing out on other things going on. Melissa realizes that her problem is bigger than herself. Go, Kelley! You tell her!

Melissa is talking to her sister Marlene on the phone. She says that the little things pile up and she freaks out, and she realizes it's not because she's having a bad day, but because her life is not in order. She's going to get help and doesn't want Marlene to tell their parents. Marlene asks why not, and Melissa says that she loves her dad and it would kill him if she told him that his alcoholism in her childhood affected her adulthood. Okay, that was actually kind of touching.

Melissa and Jamie are sitting by the phone, and Melissa wants to call a psychiatrist. In a confessional, Melissa says that she is trying to understand why she feels she has to have happiness all the time, and that it's wrong to be sad. Melissa gets on the phone and leaves a message saying that she needs a psychiatric evaluation ASAP because she's about to have a nervous breakdown. Okay, maybe that was a little melodramatic, but I bet she got a call back pretty quickly. Melissa arrives for her appointment and is led down some hallways. In a confessional, Melissa says that her goals are to work on loving herself for who she is. Yup, setting goals in the first session -- definitely therapy. Melissa continues, saying that "self-discovery is a bitch" and that it's a necessary evil so that she can be a happy person. She finally arrives at the office and the door is closed right in the camera, with a big sign that says private. Thank God, because I was so mad when the camera went into Ruthie's sessions last season. Good for Melissa for getting professional help. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

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