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In an interview, Julie says she asked Jamie if the guests were cute. Jamie does a little song-and-dance routine. I think he is referring to the guests, but I don't get it. Is he trying to say they look like clowns? I swear, this show needs a study guide or something, because I don't understand half of what they do and say. It couldn't possibly be the manipulative editing and crappy continuity, could it? In an interview, Julie is all impressed that Jamie was able to pull a quote from a five-year-old movie (Clueless) and say that the girls are "full-on Monets," meaning that from far away they look good, but close-up, they are a "big old mess." Then again, the movie was rated PG-13, and that means Julie probably isn't allowed to watch it yet. 735Kelley gives Matt her e-mail address. In an interview, Matt is wearing that raccoon coat again, and says that he and 735Kelley have "similar styles" and a similar way of carrying themselves, and that "in a worldly sense," she's probably his type. What does "in a worldly sense" mean? I really need that Real World dictionary. The other girl reappears as they prepare to leave the house. Matt mumbles something about "a side hug" and tries to grab 735Kelley, even though he doesn't like to touch girls because of the cooties. She nearly walks out the door, but sees him just in time and gives him a hug, making sure to keep her good profile to the camera. Matt says awkwardly, "I stepped on your toes." Then he walks outside with her and gets another hug, during which he says, "I like your hair." He is so scared of women, isn't he? I mean, it's obvious. Matt adds that her hair is comforting because it's like looking in a mirror. No, he's not narcissistic at all.

Matt and David are eating dinner somewhere. Matt tells David that Melissa is wigging out. David says that he's noticed that Melissa is quieter. Matt says she laughs at her problems, and she's tired of the laughter. Then Matt says some other stuff, but really, who cares?

Kelley tells Melissa that if she leaves, it will ruin the house. There's that anthropomorphic house again. For those of you who haven't read my Hawaii recaps (and what are you waiting for?), it really bugs me when people on the show refer to "the house," when they really mean "the roommates." And they do it all the time. Melissa says that she feels like leaving every day, and that every day something happens and she has to analyze again who she is, and she's tired of it. I really think that Kelley wants to say, "So leave already! Quit talking about it and go!" Because by this point, it's clear that Melissa has no intention of leaving, but she wants everyone to fawn over her. If she really wanted to leave, she would be out the door. In an interview, Kelley says that Melissa started out being a "firecracker" who didn't take any crap, but now she has gone down to being "a walking open wound." They show a shot of Melissa, who does look very tired and sad. Julie asks what Melissa is tired of, and Melissa says it's the living situation, and talking about deep stuff all the time. Julie asks her to go to lunch with them, and Melissa says she needs to put on her makeup, because she can't be having "an ugly and nasty day."

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