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And Take Beth With You!

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And Take Beth With You!

David brings up the time Beth and Tami giggled at "Dominique" (hee hee) when he was in bed and in his jammies. He argues that that situation and this one are exactly the same! We get to see the Dom/Beth incident sepia tone as well and, yes, Dom said almost exactly the same thing to Beth that Tami said to David: "I swear to God, go away." The only difference is that Dom gave it up after about two second and let Beth check out his goodies, and Tami...well, didn't. Watching Beth caress Dom's hairy chest makes me feel funny. Not in a good way. In an intensely nauseated way, actually. David apologizes yet again, and offers to move out, if they want prefer, but quantifies his apology by spitting that he is not a "perverted psycho-maniac rapist." David talks and talks and talks some more about the fact that he is not a rapist. We know, David. Shut up. Tami doesn't care, and tells David that he has crossed the line, and she feels unsafe, and she wants him to leave the house, and if he doesn't, she will. She gestures wildly with her keys. I guess she's ready to leave at any moment. David apologizes for the seven kabillionth time, but not very apologetically. Tami tells him that she accepts his apology, but she still wants him out. He punches a pillow and nods his head and stalks into the kitchen.

Just as he gets to the stairs, though, this little light bulb goes on over David's head and he says that if he has to leave the house for what he did to Tami, than Beth ought to leave for what she did to "Dominique." Let's all just take a moment, and think about how wonderful that would have been. No Beth + no David= recapper's paradise 4ever. Beth just looks confused by David's train of thought. She's probably wondering who this Dominique girl is, and what she ever did to her.

I love how long the commercial breaks are on MTV. I can proofread my master's thesis, Parsing Jessica: The Virgin/Whore Dichotomy in Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High, and make and consume several sandwiches before the show even comes back on.

David, in an interview, recaps what Beth did to Dom (looked at his underwear), and what he did to Tami (same, basically), in case we all developed amnesia during the commercial break, and instead of running to the hospital for a CAT scan, decided to watch this pretty box with the people inside it instead. He says, again, that if he leaves, Beth ought also to leave. Okay, gotcha. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. Whatever. Move. On.

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