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And Take Beth With You!

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And Take Beth With You!

In an interview, Beth explains that what she did to Dom was not the same thing as what David did to Tami, because she's on the cheerleading squad, and she's the most popular girl in school, and she has a different date every night of the week, and how do you like the Fiat Spider she shares with her identical twin sister, Elizabeth?

In the midst of Beth's and David's talking at one another, Irene pipes up that if David doesn't leave Beth alone, she's going to call the police. I thought Irene WAS the law, twenty-four hours a day. Why doesn't she fucking arrest him, or butt out? God, I hate Irene. She's so sanctimonious. Irene goes all Dennis Franz and gets right up in David's face and screams at him to leave. She voice-overs that David did this entire thing to himself and he has to learn from his mistakes, and she's only responsible for herself and not for him and she doesn't feel bad for tossing him out of the house, not at all!

David can't seem to grasp the idea that leaving means vacating the house, because he's lying on the sofa, talking to Jon, who tells him that this project is harder than he ever thought it would be. David chuckles.

In the confessional, David apologizes to Tami AGAIN. He tells Irene that she's jumping on the wrong person's side. He sighs that he's glad he got to know Dom and Aaron. He says he doesn't hate any of them. You know, David, I think you might get along better with people if you said these things to them directly, instead of locked in a little room by yourself. I'm just sayin'.

David calls some girl, who doesn't recognize him at first, and tells her that he's going to stay with her that night. And for every other night thereafter. I'm sure she's thrilled.

Irene calls Tim and cries.

Jon broods on the sofa.

David packs, hugs Dom, Aaron and Jon, and tosses his keys on the table. He walks out the door for the last time.

In the kitchen, Aaron wonders how this entire situation is going to affect David's career. He asks Jon how he would feel if he went back to Kentucky and everyone thought of him as "Jon Brennen, the rapist." Jon calmly comments that "that's why [he doesn't] take people's clothes off." Aaron gives him that point, but wonders what would happen if he were falsely accused of rape, for some other strange and inexplicable reason. Jon agrees that there is no way this situation was anything like rape, and that he doesn't think that word ought to be used in this instance at all. Aaron agrees that he doesn't think David's actions were appropriate, and that he has "no means of validating or quantifying [Beth's] feelings, but --" and Jon snorts and tells Aaron that the phrase "quantifying and validating" struck him as funny, and I get what he means, but I can't really explain why.

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