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And Take Beth With You!

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And Take Beth With You!

In an interview, Tami explains that she personally doesn't think of the incident as rape.

Back in the kitchen, Aaron tells Jon that he has a hard time watching someone's career get flushed down the toilet. You know, dude?

In an interview, Dom said they had to take the girls at their word when they said they felt unsafe. I like Dom. He's a drunkard, but he's generally sensible.

Jon points out to Aaron that girls sometimes feel threatened by boys who have a habit of pulling their pants down for no good reason.

In the confessional, Tami just cries and calls David's actions "really messed up." And she doesn't care what happens with David's career, because he's such a jerk overall. So there!

Back in the kitchen, Aaron stresses to Jon that he totally supports the girls' decision. He just thinks they could have given it some more thought, and not acted so rashly.

David voice-overs that he is not a violent person. B/M accompanies his plea with footage of David playing with a puppy. Wow, subtle. He says that he learned he needs to think before he acts.

Jon reveals in his one-on-one that both he and Dom and Aaron had a hard time with tossing David out, but that in the end, it was really for the best.

David voice-overs that he's taken his comedy act on the road. Cue the montage of David performing, mostly, it seems, to highly inebriated women who inexplicably find his tired "Ladies of the Nineties don't need Brothers No More" schtick high-lariously funny.

Irene explains that the incident with David has brought the girls in "the house" closer together. Tami says she's much cozier with Beth now. Lucky Tami. Not. Beth squeals that she can't wait to meet their new roommate! Famous last words.

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