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MJ and Landon meet Shavonda. Landon interviews that Shavonda is "a really gorgeous black girl." It's like he's surprised that a black girl could be attractive. Shavonda jokes that MJ and Landon look like twins. They make introductions all around. MJ interviews that "next to Vanessa Williams, Shavonda is the hottest black girl [he's] ever met." Of course, even Vanessa Williams can't hold a candle to a white girl, right Grand Wizard MJ? ["When did MJ meet Vanessa Williams?" -- Wing Chun]

Willie and Sarah walk around the train station. Sarah says that the biggest adjustment for her will be not walking around naked all the time. People who truly enjoy being naked when they are alone just do it. They don't need to talk about it all the time. You'll quickly learn that Sarah does like to share everything about herself, and I'm sure it's not for attention or anything. Willie outs himself by saying that Sarah could be naked, and that he wouldn't get excited. Although it would be funny if he were straight, and he was just trying to say that she's not that hot. Because that would probably make Sarah go insane. Sarah interviews that she loves gay men. Yes, they're like little pets! Willie interviews that his background is in acting (he starred in Ghostwriter on PBS as a teen), and that he'd like to get back into that field. Willie earns many points with me when he asks Sarah to make a pact: "If everyone in the house is a douchebag, I've got your back and you've got mine." I can't hate anyone who liberally uses the word "douchebag."

On the trolley (I wasn't kidding about the multiple forms of transportation), Shavonda asks MJ if he has a girlfriend. MJ says, "Not really," and everyone chuckles. MJ explains that he's been seeing Ashley for two months. Shavonda says that she has a boyfriend. MJ interviews that Shavonda immediately started talking about her boyfriend, which seemed like a signal to stay away from her. MJ ask if they'll have to listen to "mushy late-night telephone calls." Well, only if you eavesdrop. Which you totally should. Shavonda interviews that she's worried about a long-distance relationship, but only time will tell what happens. The trolley stops, and the three roommates get off and walk into their new home, a renovated bank. When they walk in, they enter a courtyard with a brick floor, and a tree! Anyway, they have the typical "holy shit" reaction, running around the house looking at everything. Landon interviews that it is "the ultimate bachelor pad," conveniently forgetting that he has roommates, and that some of them are female. Landon and MJ claim the double bedroom. MJ says that he wanted to room with Landon because they have a lot in common, and Landon wasn't "a threat." Like, competitively? Like he can beat Landon in ping pong? Oh, MJ explains that he expects one of his roommates to be "a homosexual," which is apparently a threat. Man, was I hoping that Landon was the secret gay at this point.

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