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Beware: Lingering Shots Of Naked, Bumpy Sean

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Beware: Lingering Shots Of Naked, Bumpy Sean

Speaking of myths, here's "the guy who can allegedly live up to Kameelah's standards," approaching the firehouse now, Small One (she's never given a name) in tow. They go out on a date, and Douglas is once again not allowed to speak. And so the date is over. Back in the house, the happily dysfunctional couples of Kameelah/Douglas and Genesis/Adam/Eve watch as Montana reads Genesis's tarot cards. Genesis comments that they are "on the money," while my own Ouija board slowly spells out, "Because it's all about yoooou, Genesis." Which is so weird, because I barely even had my fingers on the thing at all! No, really, you guys. I, like, totally mean it. And now we're treated to a montage of the two couples laughing. Awwwwww. Then in the kitchen, Adam tells Genesis that she needs to be more assertive and honest about what upsets her in her relationships. Genesis voice-overs that she can see the future of her relationship as "the ultimate." Well, if the tarot cards say so.

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