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Birds Of A Feather

No, I found another one. Shut up, Wes.

At the Dizzy Rooster, Melinda and Rachel dance on the bar. Why isn't anyone having the slut conversation with Melinda? Rachel ends up making out with Matt, a bouncer. A guy behind them totally makes fun of them for making out, opening his mouth and flopping his tongue around. Why can't that guy live in the house instead of Wes? Rachel interviews that Matt is a good kisser. Other things I know about Matt now: his approximate tongue size, color, and texture, thanks to the make-out footage.

Later, at home, Danny accidentally sets a dishtowel on fire and yells that it's on "fi-yah!" Hee. Melinda and Rachel argue with Nehemiah over whether Matt is cute enough to make out with. Nehemiah is mad because he thinks Rachel's interactions with Matt, the bouncer, might mess up his situation. He doesn't give details, but it's fairly clear that Matt lets Nehemiah in, and allows him to drink even though he's underage. Nehemiah's worried that his arrangement might end due to Rachel's actions. Rachel starts yelling that Nehemiah needs to be quiet, and Nehemiah is kind of laughing at her because she's being ridiculous. Rachel just starts screaming -- totally serious all of a sudden, even though they were joking earlier -- about how she doesn't want to live with Nehemiah anymore, and she hates him. Danny, standing next to her, is just shocked that Rachel went from zero to sixty so quickly. Nehemiah just ignores Rachel with a smirk on his face, instead of engaging with her and escalating the situation. And it seems that, when he got in that fight with Johanna, Nehemiah stated that he prefers to disengage rather than fight. Rachel stomps out of the room in a fury, and everyone looks around like, "Wuh the fuh?"

But Rachel's not done. She runs back into the room, cursing that she's not going to leave the room like a fucking coward, and refers to Nehemiah as "a weak little film student." Nehemiah interviews that he finds Rachel's ridiculous outburst very funny. Rachel starts screaming more nonsense at Nehemiah, and ends up calling him a slut. This somehow finally gets Nehemiah's goat, and he tells Rachel that she's the slut, and stands up. Rachel begs him to hit her, and everyone gets in between them. Rachel starts to walk away, and Wes and Danny try to calm her down, and Rachel starts screaming that she hopes Nehemiah gets shot in the street one day, and she plans to tell her friends about him, and he'll get shot in the street. Danny finally catches up with Rachel and drags her off. He interviews that he's holding Rachel back because she's completely lost it and is acting like a little girl. Rachel collapses into Danny's arms, sobbing. He hugs her. Nehemiah is still smirky. Danny picks Rachel up and carries her out of the room.

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