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Birds Of A Feather

Back in the kitchen, Nehemiah says it's "soap-opera shit." Nehemiah interviews that Rachel makes herself a target. He tells Danny and Wes that Rachel is emotionally fucked up from her childhood, and that she could never cut it in his family, because her outburst tonight was like a daily occurrence for him growing up. I think that explains the smirky behavior. Nehemiah obviously learned at a young age to ignore people who are acting in a ridiculous manner, yelling their fool heads off. And then he probably learned that the one thing you can do without getting into it is to laugh at them. I'm not saying it's a mature response, but I can understand where he's coming from.

Johanna and Melinda try to calm Rachel down in her bedroom. Rachel begs them to let her up so that she can hit Nehemiah, and then starts crying that she wants to go home. Melinda covers Rachel's mouth with her hand, so it's hard to hear what Rachel actually says next, but Johanna and Melinda counsel her that she doesn't want to wish death on anyone, so I'm guessing it was some variation on the whole "shot in the street" thing. Rachel looks thrilled with all the attention she's getting, and there are no actual tears coming out of her eyes. I'm just saying.

The next day, Wes, Danny, and Nehemiah go to a restaurant. Nehemiah says that Wes is in lust with Wren. Nehemiah interviews that Wes falls for any girl that whispers sweet nothings to him. I get the vibe that Nehemiah doesn't like Wes all that much. Wes interviews that when he looks in Wren's eyes, he only wants to be with her, and he doesn't feel that way about the other girls he meets. Nehemiah says that Wes and Danny are making him sick with their lovey-dovey shit.

Wes calls Wren, and she says she doesn't know where she's going out tonight. Wes tries to pin her down, but she seriously is just not that into him. Wes says he's going out with the guys because he thought she had to work, and Wren says they'll meet up somewhere, and hangs up on him.

Wes goes to tell Johanna about the call. He makes it out like Wren was mad at him for going out with the guys, which was not at all what I got. It seemed like Wren didn't really want to talk to him, nor go out with him. Johanna interviews that she doesn't want to be mad at Wes anymore, because she likes hanging out with him. Rachel interviews that Wes and Johanna have a lot of sexual tension, and she thinks Wes likes Johanna. Hasn't Wes basically said that in every episode?

Wes and Johanna go out to the Dizzy Rooster. What happened to the guys' night out? Wes and Johanna dance together, and Johanna turns and starts making out with him. She tells him that they live together, so they might as well make out, too. Wes voice-overs that he doesn't know why Johanna is kissing him, but he figures he might not get this chance again, so he's going for it. Wes and Johanna go to another bar, where they grind and make out some more.

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