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Birds Of A Feather

Rachel calls her dad and talks about how Nehemiah called her a slut, leaving out the rest of what happened. Her dad advises her just to ignore Nehemiah because he's not worth the annoyance and the attention.

The next day, Rachel talks to Wes about her conversation with her dad. Wes says that Rachel was beyond annoyed that night; she was irate. Rachel says she was out of control, and doesn't want to talk about it. She interviews that she doesn't know why she got so upset with Nehemiah. Rachel tells her roommates that she didn't used to have anger issues, and that she's made an appointment at the VA to get some counseling about PTSD. Rachel interviews that PTSD can lead to anger and crying outbursts, and that she wants to investigate that possibility. I bet some counseling would do her good, regardless of whether or not she has PTSD.

Danny tells Johanna that he wants to ask Rachel to go for a walk and talk about her time in Iraq. Danny and Rachel walk through a park somewhere. Danny says that he knows Rachel had some intense experiences in Iraq, and that she doesn't feel like the other roommates get her. Rachel interviews that Danny is putting forth the effort to understand, and that she appreciates it. Rachel says that the worst part about being in Iraq was being scared all the time, and never being able to let your guard down and feel safe. Rachel interviews that going through that much stress and fear was tough, and that she might be letting it out when she gets upset now. Danny says that he really respects Rachel, and she tears up a little, so Danny hugs her. Rachel interviews that she thinks she'll end up being friends with Danny.

As she and Danny walk home, Rachel says that she would talk about this to anyone in the house but Nehemiah. Danny thinks that's exactly whom she needs to talk to. Rachel doesn't want to sound like a bitch, but she doesn't think Nehemiah is worth the time and effort. Danny insists that she might be surprised, but Rachel says that not everyone is as understanding as Danny is. Rachel interviews that, for the first time since she moved in, she feels okay, and that she's not crazy, but that she has some stuff to deal with. Rachel sits down and reads a book, while nearby, Nehemiah plays this basketball game they have set up. The two of them look at each other, but don't speak at all.

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