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Birthday Surprise

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Birthday Surprise

Alton and Frank have a talk. Frank says he doesn't like hanging out with Alton when Alton is drunk. In an interview, Alton says that when he's drunk, he either gets horny or violent. Or both, based on his wrestling match with Irulan. In an interview, Frank says he's glad Alton can recognize he was a dickhead when he was drunk, and hopefully he'll make an effort to change his ways. Alton and Frank laugh and hug.

In an interview, Trishelle says it's Steven's birthday. Trishelle wears the most makeup I've ever seen her wear as she picks out a birthday card for him. In an interview, Trishelle says she wants to do something special for Steven. Trishelle gets home. In an interview, Trishelle says that she got copies of some pictures and put them in frames and then wrote a "sweet little note." She adds that she loves and cares about Steven, and she wants him to be with her and nobody else.

Steven and Frank discuss the situation at a bar while eating sushi. Frank reiterates that Steven told Trishelle he didn't have feelings for her, and then said that maybe he did. Steven laughs. In an interview, Frank says that Steven has "flashes of feelings" and thinks he should act on them. Steven says he's never slept with someone and then seen that person every day. In an interview, Steven says he doesn't intend to play with Trishelle's emotions, but he thinks he is anyway. Frank says that Trishelle would date Steven if he wanted. In an interview, Steven says he has an emotional void left by his ex-wife, and that he's dated a lot of girls to try to fill the void. I can't believe in all these episodes, we still have never heard why Steven got a divorce if his ex is so great.

Irulan finally gets a hold of Gabe on the phone. She tells him that she feels like they have broken up, and that she never gets to talk to him. In an interview, Irulan says that Gabe isn't there for her, and doesn't want to talk to her or be a part of her life. Gabe says he'll call her the next day and Irulan tells him not to do her any favors. They hang up.

Alton plays the violin for Brynn out in the hallway. The best part is that the captioning describes it as, "screechy notes playing." So true, captioning. So true. Brynn looks like she wants to kill herself. Irulan comes out and sits down to talk to Brynn about Gabe, adding that she doesn't think she'll talk to Gabe again. Irulan thinks that Gabe doesn't even miss her. Brynn says Irulan should just hang out while she's in Vegas and then see what happens when she goes home. Irulan dramatically says that this changes everything. Alton puts resin on his bow (no, really) and listens to the whole thing. In an interview, Alton says that now that Gabe is out of the picture, he needs to "stop beating around the bush" and tell Irulan how he feels. Hasn't he done that, like, ten times already?

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