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Birthday Surprise

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Birthday Surprise

Irulan tells Steven that she told Alton she cared about him. In an interview, Steven says that Gabe is out of the picture and there's nothing holding Irulan back. Irulan says she knows roommates hooking up could be bad for everyone in the house, but she doesn't think it's been bad for Steven and Trishelle, because they have "something special." Irulan wonders if maybe Steven and Trishelle stumbled upon something. Steven says he didn't think he had feelings for Trishelle. In an interview, Steven says Trishelle is beautiful, sweet, and great in bed, but that he needs more out of a woman. Like half a brain? In an interview, Irulan says that sometimes she thinks Steven and Trishelle just have physical chemistry and sometimes she thinks they're in love, but she doesn't know.

Next week: Brynn has a family crisis and wants to go home. Arissa meets some ugly dude named Alex.

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