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In an interview, Julie explains that their car has a flat tire, and it happened while David was driving. They're planning on fixing it themselves. In an interview, David says he has changed tires before, but not on such a large vehicle. Like the tires go on differently, depending on the size of the vehicle. I mean, I wouldn't really want to change the tire on my own, but if I had some roommates to help out, I'd be all over it. May as well get something out of that driver-ed course I was forced to take to get my license besides the oddly soothing mantra, "Speed plus rain equal hydroplane." In an interview, Julie explains that David called some "thirty-year tire man" to change it for $100. David tells Julie and Matt that the guy is coming at 1:30 PM. David just happens to be "sweeping the porch" while his roommates inspect the car, like that's not obvious. When has David ever cleaned the house before? Matt tells Julie that he doesn't think it needs to be towed, and Julie thinks towing is the stupidest idea she's ever heard, because Matt said so. I must agree. I mean, if you break down on a busy highway or something, towing makes sense. But if you're in your driveway (and how far did David drive on the rims to get home?), just change it yourself, if you can get the lugnuts off. It's not rocket science. Matt asks David for the keys. Julie hears Matt, so she asks David for the keys too. David gets all defensive and says that "they" already tried it, although he never defines who "they" are. The producers? Probably. Julie says non-confrontationally that he should just let them try. This is David's opportunity to say, "Have at it" and escape with his dignity (or what's left of it after the past few episodes) intact. Instead, he angrily tosses the keys in Julie's general direction and stalks away. Julie tries to ask him questions about the guy who's coming, but all he will say is "Whatever, whatever, whatever." Matt and Julie successfully change the tire, and Matt tells Julie she's "all right for a woman." I cringe. Julie runs inside to call her mom and tell her to book the chapel and start shopping around for a dress for their upcoming nuptials. They won't need a DJ though, because Matt is going to spin some vinyl.

Kelley, Matt and Danny are eating lunch at the Flying Burrito. Kelley is telling the boys that she told David that his attitude has got to go, and that friendship goes both ways. It shouldn't be her putting up with David's moods and David treating her however he wants. I hope she really did say that to him, and isn't just talking tough. I bet she did. In an interview, Danny says that a line has been drawn between David and the rest of "the house" (argh!) and it's a line that David built. Back in the restaurant, Kelley says that if David's in a bad mood, she used to try to talk to him, but now she just ignores him. Matt just sits there and observes, as always. And that's just fine with me.

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