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Bloody Mary? Bloody Hell.

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Bloody Mary? Bloody Hell.

The next day (?), CJP asks Kyle whether Keri finished the script. Why doesn't she ask Keri if she finished the script? Kyle says that he doesn't think Keri did, because she was in a bad mood. CJP says that the script should have been done a month ago, and that she's ready to pull the plug on it. In a confessional, Kyle says that CJP hasn't liked Keri's story since the beginning, but that she doesn't want to say that in front of Keri. Well, she should. Especially since she is saying it in front of the cameras. Did she think that Keri wouldn't see these scenes on television? Either keep your opinion totally to yourself, or tell the person involved. Aneesa voice-overs that CJP hides her true feelings, but sometimes you hurt people more when you keep things from them. Who knew Aneesa would be the voice of reason? Various shots of CJP sitting around looking worried follow. CJP tells Keri that she has something to mention, and makes a whole big dramatic production about it. Keri's like, "Yeah?" Keri barely stops doing the dishes. CJP tells Keri that her script is good, but wonders if maybe possibly they should do "The Cough" twice. Kyle looks up from whatever he was doing to see what Keri is going to say. Keri says that it's fine. CJP keeps asking if it's fine, and blah blah blah, like shut up already! Also, is it her decision to make? In an interview, CJP says that it must have hurt Keri's feelings when she heard the decision.

In a confessional, Kyle says that CJP and Tonya won't admit that they don't want to do Keri's skit. Didn't they just do that? Keri says that she wrote all three skits with Kyle. That seems like an important point that gets left out of this little storyline -- that Keri doesn't give a shit if they cut one skit because she worked on all of them. In an interview, Keri says that she knows that CJP wants to cut "Bloody Mary" because it wasn't Kyle's idea. In a confessional, Kyle says that Keri is "sensitive and defensive" because it's her story. Kyle adds that it's gotten to the point where he's paranoid that Keri is listening in to his confessional. Cut to outside the confessional, where Keri and CJP are both trying to listen in. Does anyone else get the feeling that Kyle totally knew the girls were trying to listen in, so he said that to make Keri look bad? I'm just really suspicious that all of the Kyle footage in this episode is in confessionals -- it could totally be Kyle trying to do damage control to make the episode look a certain way, and control how he is portrayed. Anyway, Keri finally knocks on the confessional door and asks if she can come in. Kyle makes a face at the camera like, "See what I'm saying?" and then lets Keri come in, like, couldn't he have just said that he was doing a confessional and she should wait? I hate him.

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