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Bloody Mary? Bloody Hell.

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Bloody Mary? Bloody Hell.

CJP is the narrator for "Bloody Mary," which appears to be a twist on that urban legend about how if you look in the mirror and say "bloody Mary" thirteen times, she will appear. In an interview, Tonya says that Keri deserved to have her skit in the show because it was a great story. Whatever happened to the one about the Irish woman and the hanging? I guess Theo nixed that one. CJP voice-overs that there is a clear division between Keri and Kyle now, and a strong friendship between CJP and Kyle. Kyle voice-overs that he likes CJP more than he likes Keri. Really? Because I didn't get that yet. After the performances, CJP gives her roommates praise for their work. Keri voice-overs that CJP and Kyle can be friends and make out and she doesn't care. I do think Keri is jealous, not because she wants to be with Kyle any more, but just because she was closest to Kyle and CJP, and now they are both blowing her off to be with each other. That would be annoying. Plus, they both suck. Which is also annoying.

Next week: There was no preview, but I saw a commercial during Road Rules that said the episode would be about Aneesa's love life. So you know at least there will be lesbian drama.

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