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Body Shots

When they get home, Johanna talks to her friend Courtney on the phone, and lets Wes talk, too. Wes tells Courtney very seriously that he loves Johanna. Johanna interviews that she and Wes have been getting along really well, but that it makes her uncomfortable when people say they like her. In a confessional, Wes says that he really likes Jo, and that he'll be disappointed in himself if he doesn't hook up with her. So it's not that he likes her or whatever -- he just doesn't like to fail. Courtney tells Wes that Johanna likes guys who play hard-to-get. Wes says he's going to use that.

Danny's dad arrives at the house. Danny interviews that he's worried about what his dad will think, and that he doesn't think his dad will be proud of him for what happened. Danny shows his dad his injury and explains what happened. They go inside, and Danny introduces Rachel as his nurse, and says that Melinda is his nurse also. Hellloooo, nurse! Sorry, it had to be said. Danny shows his dad some stills that must have been taken from the camera footage of him getting hit, and explains that it wasn't a fair fight. Danny has his dad touch the giant dent in his face, and his dad just kind of grunts. Oh, dads.

Danny and his dad go out to eat. His dad says that Danny's sister, Janie, was going to call Danny's mother and tell her what happened, and adds that Danny should call his mother. Danny interviews that he's never had a relationship with his mom, and that she doesn't understand why her family left her. Danny says that he really doesn't want his mother calling, and his dad advises Danny not to give his mother the number. That's really sad. I mean, I know that having an alcoholic family member can be tough, and that there's a point where you just have to kind of cut them off if they won't get help, but that doesn't make it any less sad.

Wes, Johanna, Rachel, and Lacey go out to a bar. Rachel tries to rub up on Wes and kind of grinds on him while he's totally not paying attention to her. Wes interviews that Rachel's aggressiveness is not sexy, and that she's going about trying to get male attention in the wrong way. Lacey says that Rachel really seems to get off on attention (and I can't believe that someone on a reality show is an attention whore!). Wes thinks that Rachel is used to the army, where she was one of the few women amongst a lot of horny guys, so she's used to guys throwing themselves at her. Wes drunkenly adds, "But see, I'm used to going for guys like Johanna." Lacey corrects him. Heh. Oops. Wes interviews that he thinks Johanna could teach him a lot on both an emotional and physical level, which is kind of uncomfortably close to calling her a spicy little Latina or something. Wes tells Lacey that he's "kind of saving [himself], if you will" and it's the first time he's trying to get to know someone on a "romantic level, if you will." No, I won't. What is that about? They cut to a shot of Johanna, and her hair is so crimpy that I'm surprised the editors didn't throw in a few bars of "Electric Youth."

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