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Body Shots

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Body Shots

Rachel hugs Danny goodbye. Danny interviews that Rachel is an amazing person and has really helped him through this. Danny, Melinda, and Danny's dad head for the hospital. As Danny fills out the intake forms, his dad says that Danny needs never to get in another fight. Danny scoffs and says he's going to find the kid who attacked him. Danny's dad suggests that Danny not do that. Danny interviews that his dad is nervous and scared.

Danny gets into a hospital gown and laughs that it's hard to look tough in that outfit. Melinda laughs at him. Meanwhile, Danny's dad talks to the surgeons, who explain that Danny needs surgery immediately or he will have headaches and blurred vision for the rest of his life. As Danny gets an IV put in, the surgeons tells Danny's dad that Danny will need three different plates put into his head. Danny mumbles something and Melinda tells him that he looks hot, even though he's wearing a muumuu. Danny smirks. Melinda interviews that if Danny had never gotten hit, she never would have been able to know him on such a deep level. Yeah, it's a good thing he got hit! Danny interviews that when he's with Melinda, he forgets that he has a broken face. Those two are so dumb that they completely deserve each other. The anesthesiologist shows up, and Melinda interviews that she's starting to get nervous and realize how serious the surgery is. Danny's dad comes in as Danny interviews how glad he is to have his dad there. Danny's dad kisses Danny's forehead and wishes him luck as they wheel Danny off to surgery and the music goes all scary, like, does anyone really think Danny's going to die during surgery?

Danny is wheeled back from surgery. His surgeons meet with Danny's dad and explain that the surgery went well, and that it should take Danny an hour or so to wake up. Danny's dad is kind of hot. Sadly, he's probably closer in age to me than Danny is. (Wow.) Danny's dad and Melinda say hello to Danny, who's still out. Melinda says that it must be hard for Danny's dad to see this. Danny's dad says he's mad and sad and angry all at the same time, and that he wants to hug Danny and strangle him at the same time. He adds that he doesn't want Danny to try to get retribution. Melinda is sure that Danny will do the right thing. Danny starts to wake up a little bit. His dad asks how he feels, and Danny says he feels like he swallowed a Christmas tree. Melinda laughs way too hard, and maybe she should let Danny's father stand next to the bed instead of bogarting the patient like that. Melinda interviews that she thinks this will be the start of a good friendship between her and Danny. Melinda finally leaves and probably, inside, Danny's dad is like, "Thank God."

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