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Body Shots

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Body Shots

At home, Melinda tells Rachel about the surgery. Rachel interviews that she doesn't mind at all that Melinda has taken over the caregiver role, since Melinda's Danny's "girlfriend" (in air quotes) in the house. So I take that to mean that Rachel minds a whole lot. Melinda says that Danny looked really cute in the hospital. Yeah, men with broken eyeholes are hot! There's probably a website that specializes in that subculture somewhere.

Melinda is clearly not so broken up about Danny that she needs to stay home and pine after him, so she goes out with the other roommates to a bar. They meet Leo, a bartender and manager. Leo, clearly no dummy when it comes to publicity, hangs out with the roommates. The other girls are sure that Leo is digging Johanna. They show the same shot of Leo, like, ten times in a row, like, are we not supposed to notice? Johanna interviews that she's attracted to him at first sight, and that she wants Leo to take a body shot off her. I really don't get body shots. Like, if you want to lick someone, just lick him or her. Don't bring poor, defenseless alcohol into it. So Leo pours some salt in Johanna's belly button, which is so gross, and then sucks it out, which is even grosser. He finishes by taking the lime out of her mouth and making out with her a little bit while Wes looks on in a jealous fashion. Wes interviews that everyone says Leo and Johanna are great for each other, which makes him dislike Leo a whole lot.

Johanna calls her friend Lindsay. She has a lot of friends and calls them often. Johanna drunkenly relates the tale of the body shot. She interviews that Leo is "a Latin lover" and speaks Spanish, so she was psyched. Johanna tells Lindsay that she's in love with Leo, and Lindsay is like, "Whoa. Slow down."

Nehemiah tells Wes that he has a better chance of hooking up with Rachel than with Johanna. Ever the pragmatist, that Nehemiah. Wes interviews that Johanna is trying to be "an exotic Peruvian princess," but that he sees the games she's playing. Wuh? I really don't think Johanna is playing games with him. I think she's just not that into him, or at least not into him enough to be exclusive. Wes complains that Johanna is always flirting with him and touching him and then claiming that she's not interested. Nehemiah points out that she acts like that with Nehemiah too, and that it's just who she is. Wes interviews that he's going to back off Johanna and see what happens in the future. Wes yells, "She wants to play games? I'm better at them." My husband supplies, "Like hopscotch? I'm really good at that. Or jacks? I can get up to fivesies." Wes has a lot of anger. He scares me a little bit. I think it's his Dumb and Dumber haircut.

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