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Brian's Song

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Brian's Song

Trishelle and Brian go to the Blue Note. In an interview, Trishelle says that she hasn't really met any guys in Vegas who were dating material, but she thinks Brian is sweet. Uh oh. "Sweet" is the kiss of death. Brian pulls the old "tying a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue" bit. It would be funny if Trishelle was like, "Oh, yeah? Watch this!" and then pulled a cherry stem out of her mouth that she had, like, knitted into a sweater. Heh. Trishelle voice-overs that Brian is "a great, great person" and that they are getting close really fast. We close in on the two of them holding hands. Ooh! Holding hands! An engagement ring can't be far behind!

In the morning, Arissa and Irulan get ready for work. In a confessional, Irulan says that she's happy they have to get up early for work, because it gives them direction so they don't just sleep all day. What, there's something wrong with sleeping all day? ["Seriously." -- Wing Chun] Arissa and Irulan walk downstairs in their bikini uniforms. Irulan teases Arissa about what kind of waitress she'll be. They walk right past a sign announcing that the pool is closed. They walk out to the pool and are surprised at how windy it is. They find another waitress wearing a black sweat suit, and wonder why they didn't get that uniform. The waitress says she'll go get Gina. Some other woman asks if they got her message, but they didn't. Gina walks up and tells them to go change into black sweatpants and sweatshirts and then come back. They walk back into the casino and laugh about how they were wearing bikinis and everyone else had sweats on.

Trishelle calls Gina. In an interview, Trishelle says she got the job for some extra money, but she knows her dad won't be proud. For being a cocktail waitress? Of all the things we've seen her do this season, she's most worried about her dad finding out she's a cocktail waitress? Trishelle says she can start training the next day. In an interview, Trishelle says that at home, she's always working or going to school, so she'd like to do that in Vegas too. Gina tells Trishelle when to be there, and they hang up.

Irulan and Arissa get changed and make the walk to work again. Arissa talks about how great it will feel to crawl back into bed afterward. Gina instructs them to open some boxes and organize the contents. Arissa and Irulan do not look happy about that task. The boxes appear to contain tables and chairs, and they are very big. Whatever. It's one day. Normally, they'd be waitressing, but the pool is closed, so they have to earn their money somehow. Irulan voice-overs that they were "pretty miserable." They break down boxes and carry chairs around. Gina shows up and thanks them for their work. They take off. Wow, that was fascinating.

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