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Brian's Song

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Brian's Song

Brian and Trishelle go to a bar and do shots. In an interview, Trishelle says that she and Brian weren't hanging out very long before Brian said he wanted to date her exclusively, and she wishes he hadn't said that. Trishelle drunkenly slurs, "To be honest with you, I just feel like, okay, I like you, I think you're cool. But it's like, I mean, I can't tell you what's gonna happen, like, in the next couple months." Was that even English? In an interview, Irulan says that Brian is "a great guy" and that she thinks Trishelle might end up dating him in the long run, but she thinks Trishelle and Steven have some unfinished business. Brian tells Trishelle that he likes her and he knows what her hang-ups are. Wuh? That seems almost rude, actually. Trishelle says he doesn't know her hang-ups, and seems kind of pissed. In an interview, Trishelle says that Brian is coming on too strong, too fast. Trishelle has a heart-to-heart with Arissa in the bathroom. Trishelle thinks that Brian is too good and nice and she's scared. Arissa says (again) that Brian is "a great guy." Is there a law that someone has to call Brian a great guy every two minutes? I wish they would throw in an interview with Brynn saying, "Brian's an asshole." ["Speaking of whom, is Brynn ever going to have more to do in an episode than talk about everyone else? Oh, wait: I forgot I don't care." -- Wing Chun]

Brian sleeps on Trishelle's shoulder in a cab. They get to the casino and Trishelle stomps inside, leaving Brian behind. They lie in bed together. Trishelle asks what time it is. Trishelle realizes that she's only going to get three hours of sleep. Rookie. I've taught college classes on way less than that. Of course, I was up late recapping, not drinking. Brian promises to push Trishelle out of bed if he has to. Trishelle says she hates it, but she needs someone to do that because she's starting work.

Steven washes his face in the bathroom. In an interview, Steven says that he's lonely and he'd like to have Trishelle in his bed, but instead she's with another guy. Trishelle and Brian make out. Steven runs in and hops in bed with Arissa, complaining that he can't sleep. Arissa says she can't either. In an interview, Steven says that knowing Brian and Trishelle are in the next room makes him want to vomit. Brian and Trishelle continue to make out. In an interview, Irulan says that Steven is "bouncing off the walls." Steven says he's going to check his email. Steven voice-overs that he thought he just wanted to be friends with Trishelle, but he's only human. Of flesh and blood he's made. He's only human, born to make mistakes. Trishelle and Brian? Still making out. In an interview, Steven says he doesn't know if it means he loves Trishelle or what. Steven sits at the computer, probably checking out TWoP.

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