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The "T" carries Montana and Elka to some indeterminate location as Elka informs Montana, "I'm going back to Brownsville" because "they're dedicating a style show to my mother." Montana: "What's a style show?" Apparently she is unable to discern the proper definition of the word in question, seeing as most of her face is blocked from style or even references therein considering the continuing omnipresence of her style-free bangs. Elka explains that it's like a fashion show, then continues on that she doesn't really want to go but feels she has to. Back in the firehouse, their discussion continues with Elka worrying that going back is going to call up the sad memories of her mother's death. But she has to go. Her father will be mad. Her family will be disappointed. Montana encourages family fracture in telling Elka that she doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to, and Elka counters, "I'm going to have to go home at some point, and it's going to hurt me anyway." An instrumental vamp of "Push" by Matchbox 20 underscores her sadness. Oh, the perfect choice. I'm sure they know just exactly how she feels.

The Cat of Vulnerability is rudely shuffled out of the way by Elka dragging numerous bags from her bedroom into the living room. She picks up the phone and dials for directory assistance, becoming frustrated when her request for "a cab company" lands her on hold, victimized by recorded "your call is important to us" messages for what the show would like us to believe is length of several reigns of British royalty. Sometime during the latter days of the Plantangenets, she slams the phone down and runs out onto the street, hailing a cab several blocks away and asking the driver to pull in front of the firehouse. She runs back and forth from the house retrieving bags one by one, and then stops the driver once more, yelling, "Oh, my God. I almost forgot something." She runs back into the house and grabs what looks like her dress, informing the driver that it was "the most important thing" she had to bring. The driver remembers to care. Where in the holy hell are her roommates to lend a little hand in all of this? I'm sure Genesis is passed out on the floor of the living room from the fumes emanating from the receiver, and since this is the touchy-feely Mother's Day episode there can be no shots of the boys, because, as everyone knows, all boys hate their mothers. Elka voice-overs, "I do think that going back to Brownsville is definitely going to ignite some old memories and old feelings and things." Oh, great. "Old feelings" and "things." I can just feel this recap getting more and more hilarious by the second.

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