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Later again. Elka watches Jason and Genesis piss and moan about how they felt suicidal when they were growing up. Jason: "I would say I was suicidal for an entire year. Like really, clinically depressed." Oh, yeah? Which clinic was that, Jason? The Clinic of Hyperbolic Teen Angst, perhaps? Dude, it's called puberty. We were all depressed. Nirvana was big. Look it up. Genesis, however, has a martyred, embittered leg to stand on when she rationalizes "eyeballing the pills." She was all living in squalor in a studio apartment with her mom and no food and we already heard this. Elka walks over and puts her head on Genesis's shoulder. We learn in Genesis's ensuing confessional that that motion "meant more to me than anything that she could have ever said." Back in the living room, Genesis continues that she was jealous of The Smurfs on TV because she remembers them "baking blueberry muffins. And they had something to eat and I didn't." Fade to black. The end? Shudder. Smurfy, indeed.

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