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Leah talks to her friend Stephanie on the phone. Leah interviews that she's known Stephanie for fourteen years, and that they've always been close friends. Leah says that she's excited for Stephanie to come to Paris on Friday, and that there couldn't be a better time for Stephanie's visit.

At a bar, Ace (Hi, Ace!) flips through a jukebox and plays "Brick House." Adam starts grinning and rocking out to his father's song. You'd think he'd be kind of sick of it. Then again, that song probably paid his college tuition. The women sitting at Adam's table say that Adam's dad sings the song. Adam starts singing along. Ace says that the song is in every jukebox in the world. One of the girls asks what the song means. How dumb is she? Adam says that it's about a stacked woman, and starts singing lyrics from the song to demonstrate the meaning. Ace tells the girls that Adam's mom wrote the lyrics to the song, and that his dad wrote the music. Adam interviews that he remembers seeing his dad on stage when he was younger. One of the girls asks what instrument Adam's dad plays. Adam says his father played the trumpet on the introduction to the song. Adam thinks it's cool that his parents' song is in a jukebox in France. That is pretty cool.

Adam talks to his sister on the phone. She says that their father is doing what he always threatened to do. Adam realizes that his father moved out. His sister says he got an apartment and didn't tell anyone he was moving out, and that their mother only found out when she got the bill for the utilities on the new place. Didn't anyone notice that he know, not living there? Adam's sister says she doesn't mind that her father left, and that she honestly doesn't give two shits about him. Why do we always say that we "don't give two shits" about something when we don't care? Why not one shit? Or three shits? Just wondering. Adam voice-overs that his parents have had troubles for twenty years. Adam asks if his father is really gone. His sister says he is. Adam asks if their parents are getting divorced. His sister says that, right now, their father just moved out, and that she doesn't know what will happen. Adam says he'll call his mom tomorrow. It's also kind of shitty that neither Adam's mother nor his father called him to tell him this news personally. In a confessional, Adam says that his father moved out, and then sits there for a while. He adds that he's kind of numb, and then says he can't even think. He seems very upset, and then he gets up and walks out.

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