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Leah greets her friend Stephanie at the train station. Leah says that everyone in the house hates that Leah is loud. Stephanie is upset that she can't stay longer. Leah introduces Stephanie to everyone. Leah interviews that she and Stephanie take great care of each other. Stephanie shows Leah photos of her dog. Stephanie pulls out a letter and hands it to Leah, and says that it's from her mother. Leah reads it and looks confused. Leah interviews that she doesn't know what to think about the letter, and adds that there is also a letter from her doctor. Leah interviews, "Before moving to Paris, I had a checkup that I have annually." What? Why not just say that she got her annual Pap smear? Every woman does it (or should). How can someone be so loud and obnoxious about some things and then so coy about her reproductive health? Anyway, Leah adds that there is an indication that there might be pre-cancerous cells, and that the thought of cancer is frightening. I think that is really common, but that doesn't make it any less scary. Leah cries, and Stephanie hugs her. That was a shitty way for Leah to find out. Her mom couldn't tell her on the phone so that she could answer any questions Leah had about it? Or her doctor couldn't tell her on the phone? Why was it done in a letter? Did they give Leah any information about what she should do next? So many questions.

Adam calls his mom. She says that her husband's moving out was "a complete surprise," and that she was crushed. In a confessional, Adam says that his parents have been having problems for a while. Adam's mom says that she wouldn't have told Adam about it. Adam says he's kind of upset about that. She says that it just happened. Adam interviews that he loves and respects his mom, but that she's got a lot of baggage. Adam's mom says she wants to feel that she did the right thing. Adam assures her that she did, because he had a good childhood, and his mom was there for him and his sister. He says that his dad spent his life performing, and his mother spent her life with her kids, and that her kids will always be there for her.

Leah and Stephanie walk around Paris together. Leah interviews that it's a lot of fun to be in Paris with your best friend. Suddenly, it's time for Stephanie to leave. Man, that was a short visit. Leah and Stephanie say goodbye, and Stephanie leaves. In a confessional, Leah says that after Stephanie left, she was left alone with the letter from her doctor, and she was scared.

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