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The roommates have dinner with David, the freelance writer guy for Frommer's. Leah toasts to David and his hospitality. Leah interviews that she realizes she needs "emotional care," and that Christina has been really understanding. Leah tells Christina about the letter she got from home, and says that her tests "showed signs of cancer." Well, that's not exactly true. It showed cells that could potentially develop into cancer, which is certainly scary, but leave it to Leah to be all dramatic about it instead of, you know, going to a doctor for another Pap smear. Since she can't even say the phrase "Pap smear," that shouldn't surprise me. Leah says she may have cervical cancer. Christina starts crying. Christina interviews that she doesn't know what to say or do, but that she's really upset for Leah. Christina asks why Leah didn't tell her earlier. Leah says she was still processing it, and that she thinks it's an error. Oh, that's a good response. "Well, I think the test was wrong, so I'm just going to ignore it instead of getting it checked out further." Leah says she needs to examine the possibility that she may have cancer. It's called WebMD, Leah. Look it up.

The roommates walk home from dinner. In a confessional, Leah says that she needs to figure out what's happening and sort through her own feelings before she talks about it or acts on it. The roommates go inside. Simon hears Leah crying outside and tells Christina and Mallory. Christina goes out to see what's going on, and tells the others to stay inside. Simon points to where Leah is crying behind some bushes. I know it's sad and all, but it really cracked me up that Leah was hiding in the bushes. Mallory interviews that she knows Leah is upset, but that she doesn't know why. Leah interviews that it's really important to her to be able to have children. Oh, for Christ's sake. Isn't that putting the cart before the horse? She doesn't even know for sure that anything is wrong with her, and even if there is, she doesn't know how it will affect her reproductive health. She is such a drama queen. I have no patience for people who get all weepy about things that might happen. Do what you can to ensure that bad things don't happen, and deal with them when and if they do happen. Christina leads Leah over to a cherry tree that is in full blossom. Christina leaps up and grabs a branch and shakes it so that the petals fall all over Leah like snowflakes. It's very pretty. Christina is a good friend.

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