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Back at the house, Adam takes Mallory out back and sings the song for her. The first part is a total ripoff of that song that goes, "First step, ask her out and treat her like a lady. Second step, tell her she's the one you're dreaming of. Third step, take her in your arms and never let her go." And then he starts rapping about his family. Poor Mallory. She has to stand there and avoid cracking up. In a confessional, Adam says that even though his father may have been a bad husband, he was a good father.

Adam calls his dad to see how he's doing. Adam's dad says that he's sorry about the way things happened, but that it had just reached a point. Adam interviews that he can't turn his back on his father. Adam says that he just wanted to hear his father's voice, and says that he loves his father. Adam's father says that he really needed that, because he's going through a tough time. Adam interviews that it's a new phase of their lives.

Mallory and Christina ride scooters to the train station. Mallory says that she wrote a note to Leah and said she was sorry, and that she thinks Leah is a good person. Christina asks how long it was. Mallory says it was short, but that she just doesn't want Leah to be upset. Mallory kind of implies that Leah was crying about her. Christina interviews that Mallory wants a friendship with Leah again.

Christina and Leah stand in the kitchen. Christina says that they have a lot in common, but that they are also different. Man, the things Christina comes up with. Leah says that she is easily affected by other people. Christina interviews that Leah is working on forgiveness, but that she has to do it for herself, and not because Mallory is pushing her to do it. Leah says that Mallory thinks Leah doesn't let go of things, but that Mallory wouldn't care about Leah's state of mind if she had let go of things, too. Nothing like turning it around and blaming someone else, Ms. Personal Responsibility. Christina says that Mallory wants a friendship, and adds that she's glad she's twenty-four and came to Paris knowing who she is, because Mallory is still growing. Wow, she's pretty tall already. How much bigger will she get? Leah interviews that she forgets that Mallory is nineteen, and that it's her first time away from home. What about college? Leah thinks she can't ask certain things of Mallory because she's so young.

Mallory and Leah go to a restaurant for Making-Up Session #847. Leah says that she lets her emotions take over. Leah interviews that she's finally realizing why she was so mad at Mallory. Leah says that she was a very angry child because she had no father in the picture; a stepfather; and a mother who always took her stepfather's side. Leah thinks that's why she feels so rejected when no one takes her side. Leah interviews that she's spent a lot of time not letting go. Leah says that the most important part of living together is making yourself vulnerable. Mallory agrees that she's struggled with that. Mallory interviews that by talking, she and Leah got closer, to the point where Leah could open up to her. Leah says that being in Paris has taught her a lot about life, such as learning to forgive and let go. Yes, we've seen...well, no examples of that at all. Leah interviews that it's easier to live if you let things go. Which I said about fifteen recaps ago.

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