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Leah and Mallory walk home arm in arm. Leah interviews that it's nice to be with Mallory again. Mallory interviews that Leah has learned how to let go, which is something she needed to learn. Mallory and Leah have a chat in the confessional. Mallory talks about how useless it is to be bitter and upset. Leah says that it was just wasted time, and that they couldn't take being away from each other anymore. Leah says that getting that letter was really scary, and Mallory agrees. Leah says that it was okay while Stephanie was there, but when she left, Leah got mad at Mallory for not knowing that something was wrong. Mallory says that she felt that Leah was angry, but that she didn't know why, and that she wanted to be there for Leah. In a confessional, Leah says that she wanted Mallory to be there, but that she was scared to say what was wrong out loud; she adds that, now that she has, she feels a lot better. Leah thanks God that she lives with people who can teach her things. Yeah, it's amazing what can happen when you actually talk to other people and listen to what they have to say instead of shouting over them all the time. Mallory says that the gifts of being there are the friendships and the people.

Next time: Adam hooks up with a lady who doesn't speak English very well. And then one of his friends from home comes to visit. There's a lot of Adam getting nookie next week, so bring your barf bags. Shouldn't they start packing soon?

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