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Night. House. Deck. Wicker Summit time. Tyler decides to confront John. But instead of apologizing, he starts off by blaming Svet for telling John, and says that she exacerbates things and that Tyler would be mad at him too, based on what Svet has told John. John doesn't fall for it and says he can't understand why Tyler doesn't just come to him with issues. Tyler once again just defends himself, saying that in a "normal college setting," he could just "bounce these ideas" off his friends and then go talk to John about it, but here people tell John before he can. Okay, there are so many things wrong with that that it makes me sleepy. But mostly I love his morphing of "catty shit-talking" into "bouncing ideas off someone." Tyler babbles more and actually says the "bouncing ideas" thing again. John still doesn't buy into any of it. Good for John. John waves his cigarette around and says that he's here to learn and would want to hear these bad things about himself directly. Tyler camera-talks, saying that for the first time he's seeing John for who he really is. And...resolved! That easy! Man, if anyone has a problem, they should just go on The Real World. USA and Iraq! Put them in a house and let the B/M editors have at 'em. Slap a mellow acoustic guitar track under it, and voila! Peace in the Middle East! Tyler misses the whole point again, saying that John is being "sweet," and telling him that the real problem isn't between them at all, but between him and Svet for her instigating just because she has nothing better to do. "I'm going to make the bitch pay," he says.

Key West. Key West. Night. Night. Streets. FORD! Paula and Zach drive. He asks if she's been talking to her ex, and she says that he's not really her ex, but that they just call it that. Zach camera-fros that even though Keith Ike Turnered Paula all over the place, who is to say she can't give the kid another chance. Paula says that Keith is in anger-management class (ooh, I hope a wacky Jack Nicholson is there!) and that he's been doing things to make stuff better. She says that the doctor told her it sounds like he's making progress. She adds that she even told Keith there's a possibility that, after all this, she'll come to the conclusion that he's indeed not good for her. I think it's very telling that she's picking at an arm scab as she's telling Zach all this. Or maybe she's just being bitten by a flea from Zach's hair-nest. Paula says, "I want the best for me. I also want the best for him. But I think it's okay that I want the best for me first." Nice! That should be the title of her self-help book. Zach mumbles an insecure "I'm proud of you, Paula."

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