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Keri's Revenge

Kyle discusses his dilemma with CJP. She asks him what his gut feeling is on the situation. He says that it would be a fun experience. She asks whether he's told Nicole about it yet, and he says that he hasn't talked to her yet. Tonya walks in and says that Nicole is going to think he's a fucking fruit. Heh. Annoying as Tonya is, at least she's honest in her assessments of others. That may be the only time she's honest, but it's something. In an interview, Kyle says that the only thing that would convince him to do the fashion show would be the fact that it's for charity. Groan. Barf. CJP tells Kyle that he's doing it for the kids. Ugh. In an interview, Kyle says that he was initially uncomfortable with modeling because he was "overwhelmed with homosexuality," but he's not homophobic. Yeah, just like Tonya was overwhelmed by having a black roommate, but she's not racist. Kyle muses that he's going to be walking down the runway with "Toph." CJP asks if that means he's definitely doing it, and Kyle says that he is. Oh, twist his arm.

Keri talks to Lara, their boss at the park, on the phone. In an interview, Keri explains that she has to go down to the office to drop off their timesheets. Lara explains that she needs the timesheets, or the roommates won't get paid. In an interview, Keri explains that she had been down to the offices earlier in the week, and that there was no parking nearby. Lara tells Keri not to just leave her car out front, because people have gotten $150 tickets. Keri says that she'll just have Kyle go with her and sit in the car. Lara tells Keri to tell Kyle that Lara told him to do it.

Keri goes into the bathroom where Kyle is primping for, like, the fiftieth time this episode. She announces that someone needs to go with her downtown to drop off the timesheets for work. Kyle asks why she needs someone to sit in the car. Keri explains about not leaving the car out front. Kyle insists that there are parking spots around there. He's really defensive about it, like he can't spare one second away from putting water in his hair or whatever he's doing. He refuses to go. Keri snaps and says that no one will get paid, and she tosses the car keys on the floor and walks out. Kyle snarks at her as Theo walks in and says that he'll go. Keri tells him that she appreciates his sense of responsibility. Kyle continues to primp. Keri thanks Kyle for being an asshole. Kyle says that Keri needs a partner to hold her hand while she goes. Keri loses it and yells that Kyle doesn't understand common sense, and that she doesn't want to get a $150 ticket. In an interview, Kyle says that, a few months ago, whenever he was going somewhere, Keri wanted to go with him, and he's flashing back to that now. Keri tells Kyle that he's the biggest asshole she's ever met. Well, the biggest something. It got bleeped, and I'm just assuming. Kyle says that he finds Keri's claim hard to believe, like, shut up, Kyle. Keri tells Kyle that he's perfect -- him and his political career that he's planning while he's there. Kyle says, all pissy, "What?" In an interview, Keri says that she holds her tongue around Kyle more than she does with any of the other roommates, to protect the way that he's going to look. Kyle points at Keri and yells, "Never touch that topic again." Hmm, a little defensive? Must be true. Keri goes, "Ooh, is that a threat?" Kyle tells her that it is, and repeats a few times that she shouldn't ever touch the topic again. Keri walks out goofing, "Ooh, Kyle's heated!" Kyle yells at her for walking away and not sticking to the argument. Well, he just told her not to touch the topic, so how can she stay and argue about it? He's really mad, too. Keri says, "I'm going to work. I'm doing something responsible, instead of just staying home and bitching and playing around and fixing your hair and playing with your balls like you do all day long." Okay, that was hilarious. Immature, but hilarious. I think Keri and Austin should team up and just rip on Kyle.

Keri and Theo return to the loft. Kyle asks Keri if they can talk for a sec. Keri asks why, and Kyle says he has a few things to say. Keri tells him to go ahead, but she doesn't look like she's at all interested. Kyle says that he was being immature, and he apologizes. It's the most insincere apology ever, and he's clearly just doing it so that it'll look good on camera. Keri says in a monotone that she apologizes for bringing up stuff about him, so she clearly isn't sorry, either. Kyle asks if they are really apologizing, or if things are going to be weird. Keri says that she'll get over it in a while.

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