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CJP, Tonya, and Keri get in the van. Tonya complains that Kyle is really stressed out about his image, and that it makes her want to puke. CJP jokes that Kyle is running for office, as Keri pointed out. In an interview, Tonya says that she doesn't like when people are acting. Tonya. Just said that. Tonya. Ha ha ha! Tonya grouches that Kyle sucks. Keri says that Kyle is just nervous about the way he's going to look. Why is she defending him? Don't defend him, Keri! In an interview, Keri says she thinks that if Kyle doesn't live up to the image his friends and family have of him, he'll be lost. Tonya says that Kyle only had his brother come to stay so that his "brotherly side" would be on camera. Keri agrees. CJP can't believe it. Keri says that she stopped protecting him a while ago because it got old. Tonya says that everything is about Kyle's image and adds, "Who gives a rat's ass about your image? Be who you are." Says the girl with dyed hair and fake boobs who lies all the time. Sweet.

Kyle and Chris rehearse their modeling at the House of Blues. In an interview, Kyle explains that the show is the next day, and they are just now learning the basics of what they should do. Chris practices his runway walk. In an interview, Chris says that this is his first time doing a show where he is sober, and it's fun. Lema gives some instruction to Kyle on how to walk. In an interview, Kyle says that they want him to be "hot and sexy and elegant." And classy? Just checking. Kyle walks a ways, chomping his gum the whole time. Chewing gum is not classy. Also, Kyle kind of walks like Shaggy. Lema tells Kyle never to put his hands on his hips. In an interview, Kyle says that he feels ridiculous even though he's just doing what the other models are. Lema says that Chris will be in the first group, and they do a dry run of the show. Various models walk. Kyle has to walk up to this girl and brush by her and then she brushes by him. Lema says that she needs to feel more emotion. In an interview, Kyle says that modeling is kind of like acting, which is why he likes it. Kyle tries his walk again, and does better. I think Kyle is well suited for a role on Undressed. That's about the level of acting I think he can hope for.

Chris and Kyle walk home. Chris asks Kyle if he's excited. Kyle says that the rehearsal was like a trial by fire, and he feels out of his element, but now he feels like he's figured it out. In an interview, Kyle says that he feels more comfortable with the show now, and that Chris's enthusiasm is contagious. Chris thinks that once the show starts, it will all fall into place.

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