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Chris checks himself out in the bathroom mirror. In a confessional, Chris says that he's amazed at the progress he's made with his body. Chris walks back in forth in front of the mirror, lifts his shirt to check his abs, does a couple of dance moves, and takes off his shirt. Okay, so he's vain. But if I were going to be a model in a fashion show (ha!), I would probably check out how I would look, too. And who among us hasn't done a little dance in front of the mirror or tried to check out our own asses? Tonya complains on the phone that she's sick of watching Chris flex in the mirror, and that he's always calling her in to check out his muscles. In an interview, Chris says that he loves some parts of himself, and that he's really happy to be who he is. Tonya concludes that Chris is gay. Really? I did not know that. And she's a foster child? Interesting.

It's time for the fashion show. The other roommates are all there to lend support. In an interview, Kyle says that he's nervous, because he doesn't know what he's doing. Oh, my God. Kyle has so much makeup on, including ruby red lipstick and tons of blush. He looks like an old lady who can't see very well and just piles on the makeup. In an interview, Theo says that Chris has been so excited about the show, and that they aren't allowed to smile on stage, but he knows Chris is smiling inside. Kyle walks down the runway and his roommates cheer. In an interview, Theo says, "Kyle's never looked so gay to me, but he did a good job." I know I probably shouldn't have laughed at that, but I did. Out loud. In an interview, Keri laughs as she says that Kyle needs to take a lesson from Chris in learning how to work it. Chris walks down the runway again. In a confessional, CJP says that she's proud of both Chris and Kyle.

Afterward, the roommates congratulate Chris and Kyle. Theo makes fun of the looks Kyle had on his face. CJP is way too excited about the whole thing, with the kissing and hugging. In an interview, Aneesa says that Chris has worked very hard to get his life back on track, and that she's proud of him. Some random woman tells Chris that he was the hottest guy there.

The roommates go out to a bar and do some shots. Keri starts flirting with a guy. In an interview, Keri says that she's doing a good job meeting cute boys. In an interview, Kyle says that Keri is "jumping into the singles scene in the bar" and "it doesn't seem like the classiest thing in the world." Fuck Kyle. I hated him before, but now I really, really can't stand him. Keri asks Kyle if he's going to come outside with them, and he agrees. In a confessional, Kyle says that he made a comment to Keri about how she meets guys in bars and makes out with them. In an interview, Keri says Kyle insinuated that she was a slut for going out to bars and meeting people, and he said that he didn't know she was "like that." Keri sarcastically concludes, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be 'like that.'"

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