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So, Beth tells the roommates that her friend James has invited them all to a party in Beverly Hills, "and there's going to be a band, and there's supposed to be mega-people." What does that mean? Oh, whatever. Anyway, Beth ropes most of her roommates into agreeing to come to what sounds, to me, like a very bad party, and leaps on Dom's bed and acts all coy to try to convince him. At one point in the convincing, she tells him that her cat will "kick [his] dog's ass." I don't even know what she means by that, or how that is supposed to be enticing. Is that a weird come-on? Is it a threat? Anyway, the kids take off for the party, Irene, Jon and Beth in one car, Dom, Aaron and David in the other. I guess Tami and The Earrings had other plans.

In the boys' car, Aaron, who's driving, is wondering where the hell they're going, and surmises that Jon is playing navigator, because the route they're taking makes no sense to him. We, the viewers, however, see that Jon is just lolling in the back seat.

Boys' car: Aaron can't believe how far they are from Beverly Hills, dude.

Girls' car: Beth is getting her period. Jon doesn't want to hear it.

Boys' car: Aaron has no idea where they're going.

Girls' car: Beth quizzes Jon on the difference between tampons and pads. I make a deal with God; if he makes this conversation stop, I'll never cuss again.

Boys' car: Aaron notes that they're on San Vicente (a street which is not in Beverly Hills) and is relieved to at least know where he is, again. This is the moment where my native Angeleno knowledge comes into play. If they started from Venice, and are coming to San Vicente from this direction, they have gone in a complete circle. Good work navigating, y'all. Irene, a.k.a. The Law, runs a red light. Aaron punches the steering wheel.

Girls' Car: SHIT! FUCK! BITCH!

The roommates arrive at the party, Dom says the party looks cool, and that it's "gonna be great." And that's when they get kicked out. Because the host doesn't know them, and she doesn't know Beth. And she wants them to leave. Aaron hides behind a tree and wonders why he didn't stay home and study.

Beth says in an interview that she "doesn't even want to hear about [getting kicked out of the party]! They're gonna bitch about it. Especially The Dom-er." The Dom-er. Yeah, there's going to be some bitching if you call him that to his face.

Upstairs, Beth wonders if she ought to go down and talk to Dom and Aaron about the snafu. Jon wisely advises her to let them cool down first. She ignores his advice and stomps down there to clear the air with the power of her coy smile and poufy bangs.

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