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Paula-In-A-Canoe And Tyler Too

Back to Pool O' Drunks. Now Tyler is in the pool in his swimsuit. Tyler and John yell at each other about bars and compromises and the "Straight Agenda." John camera-talks about how his going to a gay bar is way more of a deal than Tyler's going to a straight bar. Shoving guacamole into her face, Janelle asks them to stop fighting. They refuse. She soothes herself with more pureed Kermit.

Later. Another outside area of the house. Hammock. Janelle tells Tyler that her friends don't like to go to black clubs with her, and that it doesn't bother her. Tyler agrees that, back home, his straight friends won't go to gay clubs. Janelle was surprised that these straight boys went to the gay club in the first place. Tyler tries to argue but suddenly sees that Janelle has a good point and that he should be more gracious about their having come out at all. Tyler drunkenly slurs, "You're making me be a bigger person than I want to be right now." Good line. Tyler camera-talks that he's thankful to Janelle for giving him her perspective.

Tyler goes back to John and tells him he's sorry and thanks him for coming out. (Not like that; that won't happen for years. John's not ready.) John says he had a good time. John pulls Tyler in for a drunken, shirtless man-hug.

Day. Paula lies on the hammock. Meanwhile, inside, Svet and Janelle talk, discovering that Paula takes diet pills and no wonder when she drinks she gets crazy. Janelle wonders why Paula's doing this to her body. It's "stupid," they decree. ("The More You Know!")

Night. Bar. Weird slo-mo montage of Paula on stage drinking and laughing with the band, while her roommates laugh and point. It looks like an American Eagle commercial. Oh, yeah. It is.

Back home. Paula lies on the ground laughing. The boys wrap her in a rug and jokingly take her outside to the cabana. Drunk, John and Paula end up talking. John asks her to eat every time he eats tomorrow. She says that she can't. Paula slurs that she knows she has a disease, that she'll never be "okay" with food. But, she goes on, she doesn't want to be "pudgy, fat, single, alone forever." So she vomits and makes herself look like a ghost and makes her brain chemistry flip out whenever she has a drink. That's a sure-fire way to keep you a man! John calls her on this shit. Paula claims that while boys might find her too thin, girls look at her and are jealous. John says that she's wrong ["I saw her pictures on the MTV Real World site, and she is definitely wrong. Eeesh, the Auschwitz arms" -- Wing Chun], and then says that they're going to have to agree to disagree. John convinces Paula to go inside and have a wiener. Why, she could just stay and have it out there.

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