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Paula-In-A-Canoe And Tyler Too

Kitchen. Paula eats a wiener, but without the bun. Heh. She voraciously licks mustard off a knife. Ew, now.

Day. John asks Paula to say something positive about herself. The kids are all there, and they start talking about her, and suddenly she says she's really uncomfortable and starts crying. Paula's giant popsicle-head tells us that she doesn't want to cry again, so she leaves the room, crying again.

Other room. Paula stands there crying. Janelle comes to talk to her, and Paula talks about being out of control. Paula says that she doesn't want people to know about her and judge her, because then she can't hide. She feels like a snake who is having a layer of skin peeled off. She tells Janelle that she feels ugly all the time in this house. Janelle is very nice to her, and she camera-talks to us that she's concerned about Paula and her well-being. Paula says that she used to think she could handle her problem, but that being "thrown into this" (or, you know, choosing to go through the long audition process and wanting desperately to be on TV, whatever), she now feels like she's back to square one. Janelle asks if Paula wants help, and she weeps. Paula camera-talks that she's tired of "living," and wants to wake up and be normal like everyone else. Janelle gets Paula to agree to get professional help. Paula nods. While MTV is jizzing all over itself about having found this basket case to put on its show, it assuages the guilt by showing graphics that read, "Learn more about eating disorders." Paula says she can't live like this forever. Neither can I, homey. Sad music plays. Happy credits!

On the next...Svet bitches about the kids opening an art gallery. Janelle scolds her for not having etiquette. Svet cries that she's an outcast and she doesn't want to be here. Get in line, fat tits.

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