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Rachel comes home and tells Lacey about Johanna. Because she has nothing better to do, Lacey calls the cops to find out how to get their friend out. She gives up really easily and gleefully says, "She's going to be in there until noon tomorrow!" Lacey loves this shit. This is the best day of her life. Drama that she's not involved in is her catnip.

Meanwhile, Dumber and Dumberer (Wes and Danny) decide to take a drunk cab down to the jail to try to get Johanna out. Danny tells us that they might even try to get arrested so that Johanna's not alone in there. Yeah, I'm sure Wes would fare very well in prison. I do believe if you squinted hard enough and put a mop-wig on his head, he'd make a really ugly, but semi-believable, girl. Wes is, meanwhile, trying to get a girl's number, and when Wes gets into the cab, he has Danny write the rest of the girl's number on Danny's hand. Danny brags that he got three numbahs tonight without even trying. Wes thinks it's fate, and that Danny was meant to be single.

By the time he and Wes arrive at the courthouse, Danny has realized that this is probably a bad idea, but Wes is sure of himself, and they drunkenly weave toward the line of cops standing outside. Smaht, dood. Real smaht. They head inside.

Warehouse. Lacey and Rachel are still sitting around, trying to decide whether to call Leo, Johanna's bartender dude. So Lacey calls Leo (WTF, Lacey?!) and tells him about Jo's getting arrested. So Leo says that he'll show up at the courthouse tomorrow, and Lacey then says she thinks Johanna is going to be mad and embarrassed that Lacey called Leo and told her. Then why did you call him, Moon Pie? Lacey camera-talks that Leo loves Johanna and will pretty much take whatever she dishes out. So, wait. Still. You called him, why? Man, go make some friends of your own, Lacey.

Night. Austin. Night. Cars. Night. Wes and Danny arrive home like the drunk morons they are, saying that they tried but that they couldn't get Johanna out. Man, this is like Prison Break but for retahds. ["So, like Prison Break." -- Wing Chun] The boys look over the numbers on their Melinda watches, upset. Yikes. She camera-talks that she saw all the numbers on Danny's hands and got upset immediately. Hm. I'm starting to have second thoughts about being on Mel's side in all this; she really is sort of a pain in the ass. But I'm not changing my mind about Wes being a ghostly tool.

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