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Wes comes home and sees Johanna and Leo lying down in the pool room on the bean bag chairs and says, "Only Joey can pick up a guy in jail." Wes says that they have endless amounts of shit to give her. Then Danny comes in and everyone talks and Wes wonders if Johanna got arrested for "Grand Theft Carnation." Man, Wes made a funny. I feel dirty now. "You stole from a bum!" yells Wes. Neh comes in and they keep giving her shit and that's it. Well, at least it didn't end on Danny and Melinda blathering on about their relationship. How's that for the bright side?

Next week. Johanna dances on the bar and then invites Leo over to the house and tells us that she gets excited when Leo plays hard-to-get. Warehouse. They crawl under the covers on top of the bean bag chairs. Man, they sure like the action on those things. The roommates are going to have to get them reupholstered soon. Wes watches the hanky-panky from the next room and then camera-tools that Leo is going to make a mistake one of these days with Johanna and that Wes will be there waiting. Vomit. Wes then takes out his pale frustration on a plastic chair, throwing it into the hot tub. Hee. And...that's it! See ya.

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