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Jamie and some friends go out to a restaurant, and Jamie starts telling them about Robin and Cameran falling into the water. While telling the story, Jamie realizes that they did it on purpose. The editors put in a little "ding" sound effect right at the moment that Jamie realizes what happened, and it was pretty funny. Jamie gets way too excited about her discovery and starts squealing and stuff.

Jamie comes home and tells the boys what she figured out. She claims to have proof that the girls fell in the water on purpose. Her proof is that when she rescued the floating thing, they called her a spot blower. I guess that a spot blower is someone who ruins your plans. Jamie starts jumping around and cheering herself. The guys don't seem that interested in what Jamie is saying. Randy interviews that Cameran and Robin are full of surprises. Jamie starts doing victorious karate moves like Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights. She is weird.

The next day at work, Brad asks Robin and Cameran if they are going to jump into the water again. They deny that they ever jumped in on purpose. Brad interviews that he knows it was planned. Randy says it's funny that Robin remembers all of the details of what happened, since when he has an accident, he's never sure how it happened. Well, that's because he's probably stoned at the time. Robin and Cameran keep denying it, poorly.

Macquese prepares to leave. She says goodbye to everyone. Randy interviews that meeting Macquese helps him understand why Jacquese is such a great person. Cameran interviews that you can see where Jacquese gets his good attitude from. Jacquese takes his mom to the airport, and they hug goodbye. She tells him to try to fix his relationship with his father like they talked about, so that he can move on. Jacquese interviews that he loves his mother, and that she's his hero.

Jacquese decides that it's time to call his father and let him know how he feels. Jacquese calls his dad. Jacquese explains that he's in California, and then says that he needs to sit down and talk to his father about some things. His father says that they can do it whenever Jacquese is ready. Jacquese interviews that he's surprised to hear that his father is willing to have the discussion. Jacquese explains that he has a lot of anger, and that his father says one thing with his words and another with his actions. Pacquese says that they should talk about these things as they happen, so that he can correct them at the time. Jacquese says that he's jealous of people whose fathers were there for them. Jacquese interviews that he's always have this hole in his heart, but he knows that he has to move on. Jacquese says that there's more to discuss, and that they should do it in person. Pacquese says that Jacquese is a strong man, and he'll listen to his son every time. Jacquese interviews that telling his father about his anger was the first step.

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