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Death and Disease

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Death and Disease

David talks to Stephen about all the decisions he has to make, and how scared he is. David says, "I am legitly [sic] petrified." Hee! In an interview, David has a huge scrape on his neck as he says that he wants to "do it for this girl but right now it ain't going to be enough." David says that he doesn't want to give up his education for anyone. David tells Stephen that he thinks he's getting an ulcer, and that his heart has been pounding for the past three weeks. Where's Janet to tell him to go to the doctor? Stephen is inexplicably trying to set fire to a Chapstick. David feels like he's going to blow up, and it makes him glad he's going to Morocco, where he can "really chill." Because intensive language courses are akin to relaxation therapy. Stephen, who is silent, finally succeeds in lighting the Chapstick, only to blow it out.

Oh, I hate this scene. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I'm going to keep it short. The phone rings, and Lindsay answers it. It's her brother, Poull. He says, "Bill killed himself." Well, way to soften the blow, dude. And then the cameras start circling Lindsay like vultures, zooming in on her face. Lindsay's mom comes on the phone as Lindsay starts sobbing. I feel so dirty watching this. Rebecca sees that Lindsay is crying and tries to come over to comfort her, but Lindsay pushes her away. Lindsay is crying so hard that she can't even talk, but she finally gets out, "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" Rebecca looks on in shock. Lindsay slams down the phone and starts yelling and cursing as Rebecca, Janet, and Stephen look on helplessly. Lindsay picks up the phone on the other side of the room, probably trying to get away from the cameras, but it doesn't work. Lindsay's mom explains that Bill used carbon monoxide to kill himself. Lindsay screams, "You're kidding me? Why did he do it?" Her mother says, "Bill is gone now." Rebecca looks like she is crying. Dude, I'm almost crying, and I've seen this episode before, more than a few times.

Outside, Janet approaches Lindsay, who is walking down the street. In an interview, Janet says that she doesn't know what to do, and has no idea what Lindsay is going through. I would insert a snarky remark here to the effect that Janet needed Lindsay to tell her how to be supportive, but that would probably be in poor taste. Lindsay sees Janet, says hello, and keeps walking. Janet says that she brought Lindsay her wallet, in case she wanted it. Without breaking stride, Lindsay says that she'll be home in a little while. Janet voice-overs, "I'm just waiting for her to tell me what to do." No, she really said that. Janet voice-overs that she'll be there when Lindsay needs her, and that Lindsay knows that. The camera finds Lindsay, leaning against a wall and sobbing, and totally films her. Jesus. I know it's supposed to be a documentary (and don't get me started) but you know what? We got it. Lindsay is devastated. Let her grieve.

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