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Death and Disease

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Death and Disease

Rebecca and Anthony shop for clothes. In an interview, Rebecca says that Anthony is "really kind," and that he's the kind of person you feel lucky to know, because he's so sweet. People probably say that about me, too. In Bizarro Land, maybe. ["Hey, I say that! I might not say it on camera, though, in case people thought I was queer or something." -- Wing Chun] Rebecca advises Anthony not to buy an outfit that makes it look like he's trying too hard. Anthony says that he wants it to look like he's trying a little. Aw. Anthony is cute. Outside, David tells Janet that Anthony is doing well, and that sometimes he can go out and play basketball all day, and sometimes he's in so much pain that he can't stand.

As they walk down the street, Anthony tells Lindsay that he likes being there and hanging out with David, because they have so much fun. In an interview, Lindsay says that she likes Anthony's "positive outlook," but that it's unfortunate he came by that outlook battling cancer. Hey, she doesn't know. Maybe he was Mr. Sunshine before he got cancer and he just stayed the same! Anthony tells Lindsay that he doesn't worry about it, saying, "If I die, I die. If I don't, I don't."

David is talking to Kira on the phone again. He has the largest amount of dirt that I've ever seen smeared on his hand. Was he out changing his oil or something? Dude, it's called soap. Look into it. Anyway, Kira is pissed that David is arriving on the 27th instead of the 26th. In an interview, David says, "Girls aren't going to be rational about those things. They want it right now and right then." I missed the part where David got a degree in gender-based psychology. ["They didn't have time to show it because Stephen was all slapping Irene and shit." -- Wing Chun] Kira says something to the effect that, when David gets there, "the drama can come to an end." Not fucking likely! In an interview, David says, "Not everything has to be so high-stakes." After he gets off the phone, David realizes that he actually can't leave until the 28th and he just told her the 27th. In an interview, David says he's actually scared of his girlfriend and his "haaaaht's panting right now." His heart is panting? He does need to see a doctor!

Space Needle Shot #73 with the monorail thrown in for good measure. David rolls around on his bed and says, "It fucking kills, though." Anthony tells him to relax, and I'm sure he's thinking, "Whatever, dude. Don't tell me about pain." Anthony tells Janet that David is sick; Anthony thinks David popped something in his shoulder. Janet and Lindsay come in to find out what's going on. David tells Lindsay that he has pain in his heart, and it's shooting down his left arm to his hand. Oh my God! Who doesn't know that he's totally having a heart attack right now? Lindsay dials 911 and gets an ambulance as Janet rubs down David's chest with a towel. Why do all of Janet's cures involve towels and pressure? Lindsay waits for the ambulance and, in a voice-over, wonders whether she's being tested. The paramedics show up and take David's blood pressure. In an interview, Janet says that Anthony is really worried, which worries her even more. David gets strapped to a gurney with an oxygen tube in his nose, and he's loaded into the ambulance. He looks pretty bad. Anthony goes with him in the ambulance. Janet and Lindsay stand there and watch the ambulance take off. Where's David's good buddy Nate-dawg during all this? Anthony tells David that he's right there, and says, "You know I love you, partner!" Apparently, David doesn't respond, because Anthony starts going, "Dave? Dave!" and we go to commercial.

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