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Death and Disease

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Death and Disease

Space Needle Shot #74. Janet is on the phone with Anthony, but we can't hear what he's telling her. She hangs up and tells Lindsay and Rebecca that the doctors think it was a muscle spasm, but they're running tests on him. David is in a cab, headed home, so I guess the tests didn't take long. In an interview, David explains that he had an inflammation of the tissues in his chest, which constricted his breathing and affected his heart rate. Anthony tells David that he was scared, because when he saw David cringing in pain, he knew something was wrong. Anthony says he thought about calling David's mother, and that if he had, David's mother would already be there.

Suddenly, they must have realized that they need to wrap things up, because Anthony's leaving. He just got here! They've got an extra bed now. Maybe he could move in. Rebecca hugs him goodbye. As they wait for Anthony's cab, David asks how he's going to "pull this one off," because his "girl's probably going to boot [him] to the curb." Anthony says that if she does, then she's not worth it. David says he loves the way they put things at home, because here people would tell him to give Kira a chance. Anthony says, "I know you love her, but if she's not going to wait for you because you got a scheduling conflict, then go fuck yourself." Well said, Anthony. Divest yourself from the drama, David. Anthony gets into the cab.

Lindsay answers the phone, and it's Poull, calling to see how she's doing. Lindsay says that she's better. Poull asks whether she's still going skydiving, and Lindsay says that she's not. Poull thinks that's a good decision. In an interview, Lindsay says that she had "a twinge of anxiety" and it sparked "so many emotions that [she was] trying to keep inside of [her]." Lindsay cries on the phone with her brother. In a confessional, Lindsay says that she can't hide the fact that it hurts. Lindsay tells Poull that she's "sick of being upset" and "sick of life taking this turn." Lindsay continues, saying that she's angry and frustrated; she's not showing it to anyone, "but [she] can't smile anymore." I remember the first time I saw this, that line really affected me. Maybe I'm cheesy, but that seemed really heartfelt. In a confessional, Lindsay says, "He was a great guy." She half-smiles, then looks like she's going to sob, and then half-smiles again. Lindsay tells her brother that she has headaches and a stiff neck, and any little thing that happens can set her off because she's been so uptight. In a confessional, Lindsay says that it's good that she's getting upset, which is what she tells herself so that she doesn't get mad at herself for crying. She gets mad at herself for crying because her father and her second brother died? Wow, she does need counseling. I would be worried if I didn't cry in that situation.

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